scrum toyota production system kaizen mind patterns agile design by contract assertions context-driven testing unit testing kroeber plop tps ein buch über zusammenarbeit sprint goal hubs christopher alexander sutherland qwan sprint séquence pattern language enabling specification swarming data-context-interaction chief product owner meta-scrum scrum of scrums scaling hierarchy small-world theory organizational design nor(dev):con network of objects dci graph theory network theory social networks less scrum@scale scale-free self-assessment scrum knowsy® dunning-kruger effect bloom taxonomy improving your scrum nonaka organisational patterns scrum gathering scrumplop dmytro ivanchykhin sergey ignatchenko automation weinberg's law of decomposition object-oriented programming dhh robots autonomation e-collar elizabethan collars waste lampshade dog cone defensive programming tdd muda pair programming daily scrum beedle hillside alexander standards last responsible moment specialization generalization prototyping cynefin set-based design monochromic self-organization polychronic Øredev 2009 liker toyota way lean institute
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