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Developing a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps

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Tired of chasing shiny objects? This 7-step process helps you create a solid, measurable social media strategy for any organization. Proven methodology in use by dozens of companies globally. Presented at Social Media AZ by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert.

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Developing a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps

  1. Why Before How:<br />The Keys to Developing a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps<br />Social Media AZ<br />August 20, 2009<br />
  2. This is the Tip of the Iceberg<br />#SMAZ<br />Socialmediaaz.org<br />Social Media AZ on LinkedIn<br />www.convinceandconvert.com<br />@jaybaer<br />
  3. Old Marketing is Archery. New Marketing is Ping Pong.<br />Use Targeting and Interruption to Convince<br />Use Human Engagement and Dialog to Drive Preference and Loyalty<br />
  4. A Successful Social media Program:<br />Uses Humanization and Approachability to Influence How the Company Is Perceived by Customers and Prospects<br />
  5. Social media Isn’t a Conversation. It’s Where the Conversation Takes Place<br />
  6. Worry about the tools last, not first<br />www.theconversationprism.com<br />
  7. Tools Change. Always..<br />Share of Search, 1999<br />
  8. Step 1: What’s Your Pitch?<br />
  9. The Elevator is Dead<br />
  10. What Does Your Company Do? <br />In 120 Characters<br />
  11. Step 2: What’s the Point?<br />
  12. What type of program is this? Awareness?<br />Sales? Loyalty?<br />
  13. Pick One<br />
  14. Step 3: Current Relationship<br />
  15. What Does The Audience Know About You?<br />
  16. Pick Up to Two, Adjacent<br />
  17. Step 4: How Does the Audience Use Social Media?<br />
  18. The World According to Social Media<br />China<br />India<br />United States<br />
  19. We’re Not All Spielberg<br />
  20. 1961 Entries<br />300 Entries<br />
  21. Map Demographics To Social Media Usage<br />http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/profile_tool.html<br />
  22. Determine Who You’re Going to Reach. <br />Select 1 to 3. <br />
  23. Step 5: What’s Your One Thing?<br />
  24. <ul><li>Your carefully crafted
  25. brochure copy
  26. filled with
  27. bullet points
  28. about
  29. product
  30. features and
  31. benefits
  32. Does NOT Make This Happen…</li></li></ul><li>Social media Hinges on Passion<br />Find Your One Thing And Build Around It<br />
  33. It’s Not About Ketchup.<br />It’s About Where Ketchup Comes From.<br />
  34. It’s Not About Scissors.<br />It’s About How You Use Them.<br />
  35. Brand Anthropology<br /><ul><li> Don’t Think – Listen and Observe
  36. Ask Your Customers
  37. Ask Your Agency</li></li></ul><li>Step 6: How Will You Be Human?<br />
  38. It’s About People, Not Logos<br />
  39. Sometimes It’s Better If the Employees Are the Star<br />
  40. Is it About Shoes, Or About People? <br />
  41. Step 7: Identify Success<br />
  42. Know What Success Looks Like Before You Start<br />
  43. If Point = Awareness<br />Web Traffic<br />Web Traffic Referrals<br />Search Volume Trends<br />Followers, Fans, Friends<br />Social Mentions<br />Share of Voice<br />
  44. If Point = Sales<br />Web Traffic<br />Time Spent on Site<br />Bounce Rate<br />Repeat Visits<br />Content Acceptance Rate<br />Followers, Fans, Friends<br />Social Mentions<br />Share of Voice<br />Social Connectivity Within Sales Funnel<br />
  45. If Point = Loyalty<br />Time Spent on Site<br />Repeat Visits<br />Content Acceptance Rate<br />Followers, Fans, Friends<br />Repeat Social Mentions<br />Share of Voice<br />Recommendations and Reviews<br />Social Connectivity Among Purchasers<br />Customer Service Metrics<br />Net Promoter Score<br />
  46. Ultimately, Are you Making Or Saving More Money Than You Did Before You Got Involved?<br />
  47. Now You Can focus on the Tools<br />Go Ahead, It’s Okay<br />
  48. www.theconversationprism.com<br />
  49. Create social media outposts to interact with customers, prospects, & prospective employees<br />
  50. Are You Ready to Turn the Key?<br />
  51. JASON BAER <br />Convince and Convert <br />Blog: www.convinceandconvert.com<br />Twitter: @jaybaer<br />