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The 8 Things Online Influencers Can Do For You

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How can online influencers help grow awareness, sales and loyalty for your business and your brand? How do you find online influencers (there are 4 methods of doing so)? Once you're found online influencers that are a good fit for your brand, what do you ask them to do, and why? This information-rich presentation from Jay Baer of Convince and Convert and TapInfluence provides these answers, and more.

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The 8 Things Online Influencers Can Do For You

  1. 8 THINGS INFLUENCERS CAN DO FOR YOU Jay  Baer   ConvinceAndConvert.com  
  2. WHY INFLUENCERS Are Key to Business  
  3. 92% of global consumers trust UGC and WOM more than advertising We Trust People, Not Logos Source: Nielsen
  4. And this is only going to get More Important RESOURCES #1 source of information for Millennials are “close friends” Source: The McCarthy Group, 2014 of Millennials do NOT like advertising 84%
  5. 1500 Pieces of content are “due” to each Facebook user each time they log-in, on average Online Community Is a Noisy, Crowded Place Source: Facebook exec interview, 2013
  6. People Help Us Filter Out the Noise I know Joanna’s a mom like me… So her product recommendations carry more weight
  7. Different People Depending on Topics I trust Gina from Skinnytaste for food… And her recipes become my shopping list #8Ways2Influence@jaybaer @jenswartley @tapinfluence
  8. WHO Are They and How Do I Find Them?  
  10. The people closest to you can have Tremendous Influence RESOURCES 41% of people believe employees are more trustworthy than a company CEO or PR department. Source: Edelman, 2013
  11. How Do You Find The Right Influencers?
  12. The TapInfluence Marketplace Puts You in the Driver Seat
  13. The best possible scenario is to build relationships with influencers BEFORE you need them.
  14. WHAT Can I Do With Influencers?  
  15. 8 Things Influencers Can Do For You REACH RESONANCE The Megaphone The CreativeThe ConnectorThe Face The Reporter The Designer The DefenderThe Neighbor LOW TOUCH HIGH TOUCH
  16. 1. The Megaphone: Spread the Word to Their Audience James Sandora Kohler, Director - Global Digital Strategy AdAge July 14, 2014 It generated significantly more engagement than any other content we created
  17. 2. The Reporter: On the Ground At Your Event
  18. 3. The Face: Spokesperson With An Audience to Activate
  19. 4. The Connector: Introduce You on a New Social Platform
  20. 5. The Creative: Produce Content with Context
  21. 6. The Designer: Create New Products People Want
  22. 7. The Neighbor: Spark Conversation in Your Community
  23. 8. The Defender: Crisis Management Amplified Rick Wion McDonald’s, Director of Social Media These are our key customers. These are key influencers for our brand. We need to make sure we’re working with them.
  24. HOW Do I Work With Influencers?  
  25. Before you approach influencers to get involved, understand what they really care about:
  27. Three key ingredients in a successful influencer pitch:
  29. Hi Natalie – First off…the ladies at XXXX wanted to send some love for your style blog…we may or may not use it for inspiration sometimes! Just to introduce you to who we are: XXXX is a beach lifestyle boutique from xxxx, California. Although we do carry the larger surf brands, we like to keep the focus on more up-and-coming contemporary brands. We think our fans would really resonate with your style (especially now that you’ve become part of the Volcom community), and would love to work with you on a curated collection, sweepstakes, or maybe just sending over some product from the site. Xxxx has a large following, so it could be a great opportunity to gain some exposure on both sites. Anyway, let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas/questions/etc. Or if you’d rather, we’d love to send you some apparel from the site – just let us know what resonates with your style. Thanks for your time! <name> An  Okay  Influencer  Pitch    
  30. Hi Natalie. I absolutely love your blog, especially the <insert specific thing>. I’ve got a limited opportunity for style bloggers that I’d like to run past you please. I’m <name>, the Community Manager for XXX, an online beach lifestyle boutique. We’ve been around for 10 years, and have an email list of more than one million customers. We carry the big brands like xxx of course, but also up-and-comers like xxx. Our team at xxx has selected our 9 favorite style bloggers, and of course you made the list. We’d like to send you 3 outfits from our Fall collection. Then after you’ve had a chance to check them out, we’d like to interview you on Skype about which one you like best and why, and then include that video on our Facebook page, where we have 61,000+ fans. It’s a great way to introduce a bunch of new people to <blog name>. We’d like to get the clothes out to you tomorrow, and schedule the video interview on <10 days away>. Can I get your mailing address today please? Also, please let me know if you don’t want to be a part of this program. Thanks! I look forward to working with you. <name> xxxx.com Facebook.com/xxxx A  Be3er  Influencer  Pitch    
  31. Don’t ask how influencers can help your brand, ask how your brand can help influencers.
  32. THANK YOU. Jay  Baer   ConvinceAndConvert.com