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Evolution of the Telco Services Plane, Greg Sikora, TADSummit 2018

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Evolution of the Telco Services Plane
Greg Sikora, Business Development OVOO

Over the past decade the number of telecom service providers has exploded with IP-based telecom services, CPaaS / UCaaS / CCaaS providers, enterprises running their telecom services, xVNOs, etc.

All these new players have brought new skills and new approaches to the creation of telecom services, and belatedly telcos are now adopting new approaches for their Telco Services Plane.

Given our experiences across a range of service providers we’ll describe the evolution of the Telco Services Plane to support new capabilities both within and without the network. Let innovation flourish!

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Evolution of the Telco Services Plane, Greg Sikora, TADSummit 2018

  1. 1. Telco Services now and beyond Lisbon November the 14th 2018 Greg Sikora greg@ovoo.pl
  2. 2. OVOO team Who we are?
  3. 3. OVOO company confidential 3
  4. 4. 4 OVOO team Who we are? POLISH COMPANY REGISTERED IN KRAKÓW, SINCE 2012 We offers services and products for strategic customers in Europe and Middle East. OVOO: Why our offer is so unique? • We are TELECOM experts. • A company profile is strictly focused on a TELCO domain with deep understanding of customer needs. • Professionalism is the one that is the most crucial for us. • We are specialized in a cost optimization for customers.
  5. 5. Our main customers T-Mobile Poland T-Mobile Austria Orange Poland Magyar Telecom DT Group Hrvatski Telekom Orange Group T-Mobile Hubraum
  6. 6. 6 OVOOocad Our product brad OVOOcado is our brand fully focused at the product development and offering to MNOs, MVNx, CPaaS providers. More details at https://ovoocado.com OCS Service Broker PrePaid CC TAS Convergent Messaging GW
  7. 7. Market drivers 2020+
  8. 8. Market drivers 2020+ OVOO company confidential 8 Source ZDNet “Mobile data traffic will increase 7-fold from 2016 to 2021” Source EDN Network “The 5 best 5G use cases”
  9. 9. Market drivers 2020+ OVOO company confidential 9
  10. 10. Market drivers 2020+ • CSPs have to response • Mobile operators need to optimize TTM and TCO OVOO company confidential 10 The Market is
  11. 11. Are we ready for 2020+ customer demands? Traditional platforms are too heavy and complicated for agile, cost effective DevOps approach OVOO company confidential 11 LTE: this is only workaround everyone is waiting for 5G
  12. 12. Developer vs Telco market demands TELCO MARKET budget • Telco projects budgets e.g. IN/IMS services – Legacy IN – 2007 – 1X mln EUR – SDP platform – 2012 – 1,X mln EUR – SDP platform – 2017 - !@#$%^^& • Big guys are not able to answer for MNO needs • Middle guys focused on specific knowledge areas are able to support telco market needs OVOO company confidential 12 DEVELOPERS https://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/jobs/uk/java%20developer.do
  13. 13. Technology drivers 2020+
  14. 14. How does the TELCO service plane looks like • Majority of services run on top of JainSLEE, SIP Servlets or proprietary NEP platform • NEP proprietary platforms – Are based on very 20-30 years old technology – Not open for 3rd party program (Vendor lock in) • JainSLEE 1.1 is 15 years old technology – initiated over 15 years ago – without any successor – Only 3 platforms are supporting JainSLEE standard – Heavy for new developers. • SIP Servlets 1.1 is 11 years old technology. SIP Servlets 2.0 is newer but – Limited to SIP (no SS7 or other “TELCO” protocols support) – Coupled with J2EE technology (require Application Server) – Not tailored to cloud, NFV nor GRID architecture 2OVOO company confidential
  15. 15. Waves of IT Evolution OVOO company confidential 15
  16. 16. What IT did at this time? OVOO company confidential 16
  17. 17. IT trends which influence Service Providers • OpenStack gains increasing acceptance – OpenStack is TOP10 most active community project (source https://www.openhub.net/) – Perfect for the infrastructure virtualization based on the COTS HW • DevOps and CI/CD is influencing TTM and TCO – Teams reorganization combined with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development way of thinking • Containers and Microservices perfect fit – Microservices - larger application is broken down into smaller, single-use services – Containers are the tools and methodology used to organize applications/microservices – Both microservices and containers have become popular tools for DevOps teams • Container orchestration – Deployment blueprint for different environments: dev, test, stage, production – Horizontally scalable and more granular management of Microservices – No single point of failure and achieve self hilling OVOO company confidential 17
  18. 18. Plan to move forward
  19. 19. How we should move forward • Cloud Computing is the world wide trend ($411B By 2020 – source Gartner) – Google, Microsoft, AWS – leaders in this field – The future service is IaaS agnostic. Deploy everywhere approach. – EGDE computing • NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks) Alliance is following the same direction – Service-based architecture in 5G v1.0 is designed according to this pattern – Aligned with ETSI NFV – Crucial for 5G and EDGE computing for VR & AR use cases • OVOO see that we should follow the IT market trends OVOO company confidential 19
  20. 20. Akka and the actor model • Actor Model – Formalized in 1973 by Carl Hewitt and Gul Agha – The first major adoption by Ericsson in mid 80s. • Invented Erlang and later open-sourced in 90s. • Built a distributed, concurrent, and fault-tolerant telecom system which has 99.9999999% uptime • A toolkit that provides: – simple concurrency – resiliency & elasticity – high performance & fault tolerance • Actor implementation on JVM – Java API and Scala API – Reactive programming • Actor model communicating via messages OVOO company confidential 20 Founded by Jonas Boner (Pioneer of reactive programming, microservices and Fast Data. Java guru)
  21. 21. Why Akka? • From Dev perspective – Stateless, asynchronous, non blocking – Open Source with vivid community behind – Simple concurrency • From Ops perspective – Small JVM footprint < 500 MB – Service startup in seconds – Horizontal scalability – Built-in resiliency & elasticity • From Service Provider perspective – Lack for 3rd party licenses – can be multiply without need to buy new license – NFV compliant – Deployable at bare metal, Virtualization or private cloud OVOO company confidential 21
  22. 22. Evolution not revolution
  23. 23. What is our proposal? We believe in evolution instead revolution • Step by step approach. 1. 2018-2019 –utilize existing JainSLEE platforms and optimize the cost structure for new services 2. 2019 – 2021 – hybrid deployment mixing legacy JainSLEE and cloud based services 3. 2021+ - Unified cloud based deployment OVOO company confidential 23 • HOW TO? – Application Server based service should be migrated to cloud based services – Decoupling based on micro services – Containers for automated deployment and DevOps – Container orchestration for scalability and management
  24. 24. Service Broker – Orchestration 24 • Horizontal orchestration – Business level orchestration – SIP and Call Control REST – Stateful balancing – Profile based • Legacy and new services orchestration – Based on the profile the SB can orchestrate between new cloud based apps and legacy JainSLEE services – The IMS and CS core can trigger directly legacy SDP platform or use SB App1 SB S-CSCF/MSS SIP SIP/CAP App 2 App 3 REST REST SIP/CAP ProfileDB OVOO company confidential SDP NTS Service Broker VPN PrePaidMSIMMNP Common 1 Common 2 Common 3 Common 4 Common 5
  25. 25. OVOOcado Service Broker Turn key orchestration for MNO 25 • Flexible Multi Network: 3G and 4G • IMS and CS core integration • Integration with 3rd party components • Legacy IN and SIP AS orchestration • Pre-integrated with OVOOcado TAS and OCS for real time rating and fraud detection • Low latency (reduced signaling overhead) • High flexibility (re-configuration on the fly) • TCO and TTM lower up to 80% CS Core IMS Core API GW JainSLEE or Akka Service Broker Service Profile MMTel SCC-AS HLR HSS Legacy IN Legacy SIP AS Other services OVOOcado OCS CAP Ro API SIP $$$ External services
  26. 26. SBSB Service Broker – Scalability 26 • SIP Load balance e.g. Kamalio in front of the Service Broker pool • Different routing algorithms • SB pool can orchestrate scale up/down application pool • It can be either static or fully automated mechanism App 1 SB S-CSCF SIP SIP/CAP App 2 REST ProfileDB OVOO company confidential SIP Load Balancer App 3 App 4 SIP SIP
  27. 27. Practical example
  28. 28. 28OVOO company confidential
  29. 29. OVOOcado OCS Real time rating and charging • For PrePaid and PostPaid subscribers • Extremely efficient – more than 7 Millions charging sessions per hour per node – Horizontal scalability N+1 • Events Bases Charging: SMS, API requests, content • Session Based Charging: voice, video, data, IoT • Hybrid deployment model – SaaS based on AWS – Cloud and on-premises • Supports multiple interfaces • Pre-integrated with OVOOcado Value Added Services 29
  30. 30. OVOOcado OCS Internal architecture • Modular architecture • Flexible and customizable solution. • Optional modules – Voucher Management System* – Number Portability DB – IVR Menu* – API Gateway for 3rd party integration • Integration via open standard interfaces. • Compliant with Telco 3GPP standards • Carrier grade architecture with built-in Fault Tolerance, High Availability and Load Balancing features • Flexible data model • Provisioning, Alarm, CDR subsystem for BSS and OSS integration 30 * Roadmap feature OVOO company confidential
  31. 31. OVOOcado OCS Different Use Cases There are variety of use cases around usage based charging • A2P SMS Aggregator • CPaaS API usage • Cost Control • Fraud detection 31OVOO company confidential
  32. 32. Thank you Greg Sikora greg@ovoo.pl