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Slideset from Cafe Workshop at Learning & Skills Group Conference 8 June 2010

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  • Great !In my graduate study,I found in my daily life that i need learn how to learn because i can't get the needed class learning.the growth of web allow me to engage in social learning ,but i want to know how can i organise our classmates towards social learning.than you for your slide.
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  1. How to shift your organisation  towards social learning Learning & Skills Group Conference  8 June 2010 Jane Hart Barry Sampson
  2. Format • 4 or 5 questions • Brief thoughts from Barry and me • Round table discussions • Use Twitter as our recording device  • #lsgsocial
  3. 1 Which are nice to have  and which are must‐ have social technologies  and tools? #lsgsocial
  4. Jane’s Choice Microblogging
  5. Barry’s Choice RSS
  6. 1 Which are nice to have  and which are must‐ have social technologies  and tools? #lsgsocial
  7. Mindset or Toolset? What changes need to  take place at the  organisational level  and at the individual  level?
  8. Organisational level
  9. Stages of Workplace Learning formal learning STAGE 1 STAGE 3 STAGE 4 STAGE 2 blended social  classroom e‐learning learning learning training Online (ID‐ trainers designed  trainers, online courses, content‐ online  LMS+social  trainers courses, based)  media/SLMS courses, LMS LMS traditional approach to workplace learning managed and controlled by L&D
  10. 5 Stages of Workplace Learning
  11. Individual level
  12. Responsibility Image source http://www.usmansheikh.com/success‐factors/job‐vs‐responsibility
  13. Willingness to share
  14. Focus on the application
  15. 2 What do these  mindset changes  mean for the  Learning &  Development  Department? #lsgsocial
  16. 3 If you don’t understand social learning, you  won’t be able to convince others.   How did YOU become engaged with social  learning? #lsgsocial
  17. 4 What are some  quick wins?
  18. Source, Take this LMS and shove it, Gary Wise, 19 May 2010
  19. “Training should only be done in cases  where the other barriers to  performance have been addressed.” Harold  Jarche, “Compliance of an  industry”, 13 May 2010 Internet Time Alliance 
  20. Connecting Gurus
  21. Engaging Graduates
  22. 5 Walt Disney said : “the way  to get started is  to stop talking and begin doing”. What ONE thing can you do back in the  workplace right now? #lsgsocial
  23. www.C4LPT.co.uk/state.html