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Writing Assessment Travel Experience Email

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TESL Canada- 2015

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Writing Assessment Travel Experience Email

  1. 1. Name: ________________ Date: ________________ WRITING ASSESSMENT Module: Planning a Trip to Banff Competencies: I. Interacting with Others IV. Sharing Information Task: Writing about Travel Experiences Directions: You have just come back from a trip to Banff. Write an email to a friend or family member and tell them about where you have been. Then write about what you did, what you saw, who you went with, how long it took to get there, etc. Make sure that you use the verb tenses that we have studied so far this semester (ex. Present tenses, Past tenses and Present Perfect). Outlook Mail – Compose a message To: Cc: Subject: From: Subject:
  2. 2. Name: ________________ Date: ________________ 237kb 3-achieved 2-some difficulty 1-not yet Holistic: Message conveys the intended meaning 1 2 3 Uses language and content appropriate and relevant to the situation 1 2 3 Analytic: Has a subject, a greeting and a closing 1 2 3 Email addresses have been written accurately 1 2 3 Expresses a main idea and supports it with details 1 2 3 Provides accurate descriptions or accounts of events 1 2 3 Paragraphs are separated correctly 1 2 3 Uses a mixture of verb tenses effectively 1 2 3 Uses appropriate transitions when needed 1 2 3 Care is taken for punctuation, spelling and format 1 2 3 Criteria for Success Total Score: /30 Beginning Developing Completing 1-15 16-21 22-30 Comments: Prepared by Kerry Howard and Jana Ciobanu for the TESL Canada-2015