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I Can Make Short Pitch

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I Can Make Short Pitch

  1. 1. Fun, educational kits for 3D printers This is the year that most people – especially children – are going to meet their first 3D printer. From September 2014 the new design curriculum in the UK will include 3D printing, and schools nationwide will be purchasing 3D printers. Prices are dropping rapidly, and parents are also Teaching the engineering of the future using the engineering icons of the past
  2. 2. NOWTHEN
  3. 3. Launching this summer Downloadable kits to buy Downloadable kits for free Helpful videos Tutorials “How we did it” materials Materials for teachers All in time for the new school year.
  4. 4. Market About 250k “domestic” printers currently, rising exponentially High quality machines now available from respected manufacturers at sub £1000 price point Costs £5k-20k to produce a kit which sells for £5-10 and is evergreen I Can Make is profitable when we hit 1% of the domestic market once a month and 1% of the school market once a year
  5. 5. “I actually voted for I Can Make, you should watch them, I have a feeling that over the next three years they’ll pull it off and be very successful” Sir Richard Branson
  6. 6. We’re an experienced team, who’ve made BAFTA award winning products and sites used by 1 in 4 UK children. Becky Fishman Marketing Dean Vipond Design Chris Thorpe Technology Mark Simpkins Product
  7. 7. Thank you. @icanmakehq • hello@icanmake.co • http://icanmake.co