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A holographic view of disease copy

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new theory of disease that is inclusive all the actual ones

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A holographic view of disease copy

  1. 1. A Holographic Theory of Disease The Real Integrative(Coherent) Medicine
  2. 2. Hologram Definition • A tridimensional proyection obtained • from a flat image, using laser ray techniques. • The salient characteristic of its image is that you can reproduce the whole image from any part of the hologram no matter its size.
  3. 3. Hologram In Quantum Universal Theory • A holographic theory of the relationship of mind-matter was developed by thoretical physicist, Dr. Bhom, • That postulated the creation of the universe could be explained on the coherence of its parts within the wholeness of a hologram, • Just as the light particles do in laser holographic images
  4. 4. Holographic Universal Model • This coherence seen between the parts of a hologram seemed to suggest that all of its components were entangled in some sort of non physical relationship. • This theory was later confirmed by the law of quantum entanglement in theoretical quantum physics
  5. 5. Hologram Quantum Entanglement • Quantum entanglement- An observable phenomenon regarding the relationship between individual particles that interact in an interdependent quantum state, where the reactions of a group of individual particles exhibit a group response as if they were physically and energetically connected, and as if there were no physical separation between them.
  6. 6. Hologram Quantum Entanglement • They would seem to be interconnected notwithstanding • The physical difference or distance between them. • The responses of individual particles would appear instantaneous, • without a measurable temporal separation.
  7. 7. Hologram Quantum Entanglement (Summary) • So we can summarize that this model is: •Coherent(entangled)- interacts as one unit with no boundaries. •Timeless- Instantaneous communication between parts. •The Whole is reproducible from its parts.
  8. 8. Hologram Quantum Entanglement (Summary) •The infinite patterns of probabilites in the quantum universe is stored within its field as memories in relative timelessness. •Memory is created by the continum of infinite probabilities that will apparently divide the instantaneous experience into measurable segments of relative time, •Similar to when we freeze or slow down the action in a movie film.
  9. 9. Holographic Theory of Disease: Essential Premises •Integrative, coherent and entangled in both origin(imbalance), manifestations(symptoms) and correction (treatment) • It has a specific time of origination and resolution •Memorization of the disease process ocurrs
  10. 10. Divergent Views Holographic Med.  Coherent, Integrative, disease and symptoms are alarm mechanisms  Interdependent  Observation of the parts within the Whole  Main goal is to prevent the previous mistakes (prevention)  Treat the cause primarily without neglecting the symptoms  The healer relation is independent from external sources or persons.  Its timeless, healing sets its own pace Modern Medicine  Treats the parts and not the whole (mechanic)  Uses the science or knowledge of the physicalparts (body)  Confuses symptoms with disease  The healing relation is codependent on an external spource or person.  Time is used to measure effectiveness
  11. 11. Holographic Health The universal hologram prioritizes the wellness of the whole, above the wellnes of its individual parts and it will allow processes of equilibration in it that apparently créate disharmony in them. These are what we call imbalances or symptoms in our individual perceptions. The only purpose of these is to alert the hologram to correct the cause of the imbalance, and not a subjective punitive purpose. It prioritizes the correction of the more coherent or interdependent imbalances on the whole in a sequential order of descending importance.
  12. 12. Holographic Health The accumulated holograpic experiences be them good or bad are recorded in the historic archives of the material (biologic) and anti material (spiritual) DNA’s The good ones will facilitate the natural selection of both evolutionary universal processes and the bad ones will retard the process. The bad ones will pass the corrupted information on through the DNA genomes. The Good ones will pass the evolutionary enhancing data. The main purpose of the hologram is to accumulate the most good experiences as posible and to eliminate from its archives all the bad ones.
  13. 13. Holographic Health The hologram will receive new experiences from both the material (biologic) and from the anti material (spiritual) portions. But the most disharmonizing ones come from the material portions where the most toxic data is created.
  14. 14. Holographic Health This is due to the fact of the less coherence that ocurrs in the individual consciousness experienced by this tridimensional portion of the hologram. Here the need of sources of nutrition (energy) to mantain the integrity of this part of the hologram through the biologic organism and the mental- emotional sources, allows by free Will the options to acquire less pure sources of energy, that Will vary in the toxic desharmonizing effects on the organism and its DNA.
  15. 15. Disease Activating the Good the Bad and the Ugly The appearance of symptoms and disease in our individual holograms Will depend on the activation of bad programs (codes) in our biologic DNA pool, that will produce in the organisms the specific conditions that associated with that corrupted genetic program. These are activated by toxic mental or nutritional materials ingested by the individual hologram.
  16. 16. Disease Activating the Good the Bad and the Ugly The potential corrupted programs (mutations) are activated by the different arrays of toxic nutritional materials and the good ones are inhibited. The severity of the clinical picture will depend on the severity of the mutation, the duration in this gene pool and the emotional reaction to its symptoms.
  17. 17. Disease Activating the Good the Bad and the Ugly The longer the mutation has been in the gene pool, the longer it takes to inactivate it. So the secret to holographic wellness lies in detoxyfing our gene pools by detoxyfing our organisms and, Activating our good mutations by supplying the best prime materials we can obtain. If we continue our detoxyfing process, we will purify to its intended holographic process, the biologic DNA, that will only pass on to its inheritance the best mutations for true holographic wellness.
  18. 18. Holographic Disease Inherited Vs Acquired Inherited diseases are not only those genetically defined by known mendelian inheritance laws, but also all mutations that can affect the appearance of traditional familial diseases diseases such as asthma, arthritis, auto inmunes diseases, bipolarity, depression, and cancer. The penetration of this disease process doesn’t affect all the members of a specific family, but only those that with their lifestyles activate that mutation only.
  19. 19. Holographic Disease (Acquired) The Emotional Connection Acquired diseases usually are created by a combination of nutritional and emotional toxins, but in my experience the emotional component is the most impacting cause. The emotional toxin that usually precipitates the process is guilt repressed in the deeper subconscious areas of the mind, where the experience is imprisoned together like an edited segment of a movie that repeats the cut portion in an unending repeating cycle with no end in perspective.
  20. 20. Holographic Disease (Acquired) The Emotional Connection The shame and suffering by the memory of the event, forces us to repress that experience with the person living it, into a mental prison in our subconscious, where the person relives the situation unceasingly. The person who feels abandoned in time by the person(himself) who imprisoned him, will scream to that jailer, by using the autonomic system and all the symptoms this system controls, like panic attacks, guilt, depression, endocrine problems, digestive disturbances, muscle and bone pains.
  21. 21. Holographic Disease (Acquired) The Emotional Connection In my clinical practice when the patients are able to locate the source of guilt and using the forgiveness code exercise to liberate the person from this emotional prison, combinedwith detoxification of their nutritional lifestyles, the mayority of clinical symptoms disappear and a new hopeful view of life appears. These alterations in the DNA code are the easiest to reverse and not pass on to our descendants. Emotions could be primordial in activating cancer inducing mutations in our DNA
  22. 22. Timelessness of Healing • When the persons start a detoxifying process in their hologram, the DNA transformation time cycle is proportional to the length of time it has existed in the human genome. The older it is the longer the transformation will take. • That is why healing really occurs, mainly, in the DNA but not necessarily in the biologic organism simultaneously. The healing will manifest in generations down the genetic family lineage.
  23. 23. Timelessness of Healing • That is why we never waste our time in terms of detoxifying our hologram, since it will always by its coherent action, impact all the universal hologram.
  24. 24. The Rhythmic Dance of Our Biologic and Spiritual DNA’s • The biologic DNA is like mirror like reflection of our Spiritual DNA, where the Pure codes of the Spiritual one, would like to see itself manifested faithfully, in the biologic realm of time- matter, where the spiritual part spiritualizes the human component and the human humanizes the Spiritual one.
  25. 25. The Rhythmic Dance of Our Biologic and Spiritual DNA’s • In this final stage, the universe becomes as its above its below and vice versa, where the evolutionary and spiritual process reach their peak in union, and men learn to live with their feet on the ground but their eyes gazing upon the heavens.
  26. 26. Epigenetics The Scientific Basis • Epigenetics- Epigenetics is a branch of biology that purports to explain why living organisms activate some genes and suppress others, thus adjusting their particular physical characteristics and susceptibility to developing certain diseases. • Which is in contrast to the deterministic concept of every genetic predisposition. This suggests that external factors, such as lifestyles, could influence DNA into changing its actions without altering its genetic configuration. It is suspected that these changes are controlled from the junk DNA, which from now on I will be calling luminous DNA.
  27. 27. The Mystery of Our Spiritual DNA • The duality of our universe is divided by science into Matter (5%) and Antimatter (95%) that resonates with the proportion of biologic coding DNA (5%) and Spiritual non coding junk DNA (95%). • Recent studies suggest that the apparent junk portion has significant modulating effects on the function of the coding DNA.
  28. 28. The Mystery of Our Spiritual DNA • It seems that the non coding DNA which I will refer to from now on as Luminous DNA, seems to have all the original pure codes of the spiritual hologram, hidden pending to be activated by the learning experiences of the forgiveness code and the proper lifestyles that we now call the science of Epigenetics.
  29. 29. Intention the Most Powerful Instrument to Activate The Healing Code • Inclusive intention- Based on the effect on the whole of the hologram. Activates the luminous DNA codes. (The Love effect) • Exclusive intention- Based on the effects on individual portions of the hologram. Usually benefits some parts but harms others. This is considered toxic for the hologram as a whole. (The Selfish ego effect)
  30. 30. Conclusions • 1. The universal hologram always behaves like an individual functional unit. • 2. Therefore, it will act in coherence and interdependence with the actions of its parts, always guided to find the equilibrium of the whole without considering the results in its individual components. • 3. Similarly the individual holograms, will do the same with its constituents. • 4. Relative time in each part of the hologram would appear to slow down as energy densifies in lower dimensional levels. • 5. That is why the healing (corrective) process takes longer in the biologic-material levels of the hologram
  31. 31. Conclusions • 6. These relative differences in time and energy will divide the holographic awareness into apparent separate multidimensional experiences. • 7. The higher dimensions (those with faster relative times) amd the lower ones (those with lower relative times) of the Universal Hologram are not conscious of each others existence. • 8.. During the Discovery journey of creation, the individual holograms of the higher dimensions visit the lower ones. • 9. This action similar to the interaction of our conscious and subconscious mind, creates a more coherent and inclusive relationship of the Universal Hologram and its parts, that we now recognize as Love, compassion and patience.
  32. 32. Conclusions • 10. For the Universal Hologram to reach its learning goals, each individual hologram has to experience all the descending dimensional levels to obtain the total inclusive holographic consciousness of absolute coherence. • 11. The individual holograms that have finished their journey, on their return trip will share their wisdom with those that are still descending in their voyage. (Universal School of Life) • 12. This process by which the knowledge acumulated during the individual descending journeys is carried back to the higher dimensions, insures the evolutionary progress of the Universal Hologram. • This learning process reminds us of the archetypal image of the snake biting its tail creating an infinite circle between the head (beginning, Alpha) and its tail (end, Omega) that also mirrors the never ending spiral of our DNA.
  33. 33. The End of the Beginning • The Universal process of learning, evolving and ascending never ends.