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Fanie Hendriksz

  1. Fanie Hendriksz (BPharm NWU) Managing Director – Right ePharmacy Improving patient healthcare outcomes through innovative technology
  2. • Pioneering innovative, patient centric solutions since 2016. • At Right ePharmacy we innovate products and services for the public health care system to get medicine to more patients, on their time and their terms, thus relieving the burden on pharmacists and nurses across Africa - leaving them more time to consult and care. • Pioneering path finders, to create patient data for the benefit of all the patients we serve. Who we are
  3. Healthcare Challenges: Public Sector High Demand Shortage of Pharmaceutical Services Medicine Availability Manual Patient Information Records Overburdened Facilities Patient Experience Negative Economic Impact Negative Impact on Adherence Poor Healthcare Outcomes Limited Infrastructure
  4. Regulated Environment Innovation Costs/ Funding Change Management Skills Transfer Duration/Project Time Innovation Readiness Sustainability Integration Bureaucracy Innovation Challenges: Public Sector Innovation = Opportunity (Not a threat)
  5. Total Number of Dispenses 3 576 068 Total Number of Items Dispensed 14 124 851 Robotic Dispensing Systems (RDS) 55-65% increase in output generation DATA Themba Lethu Clinic ∙ Steve Biko Academic Hospital ∙ Helen Joseph Hospital In public health
  6. Live Counselling (via Cloud) Dispensing on point Pharmacy Dispensing Unit/ ATM Pharmacy Total Number of Dispenses 729 686 Total Number of Items Dispensed 1 339 163 96% adherence Pilot Study Alex Plaza (Alexandra) ∙ Ndofaya Mall (Soweto) ∙ Bara Mall (Soweto) ∙ Bambanani Mall (Diepsloot) ∙ Twin City Mangaung In public health
  7. Central Dispensing Unit Total Number of Dispenses 147 684 Total Number of Items Dispensed 524 360 Zambia South Africa Lesotho Patient adherence monitoring Process efficiency Supply chain leveraging
  8. Pharmaceutical Electronic Smart Lockers Total Number of Parcels Collected 355 209 Total Number of Prescriptions Collected 710 418 South Africa Botswana Lesotho Eswatini 95% collection success 24/7 accessibility Remote managing of patient, logistics & hardware
  9. We are Operational in South Africa, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana and Eswatini (Pending: Nigeria, France, Greece, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Seychelles) Right ePharmacy has a variety of products and service offerings that are currently operational in: • South Africa - Gauteng - Free State - Mpumalanga - Limpopo - Western Cape • Zambia - Ndola • Lesotho – Maseru and surrounding • Botswana - Jwaneng & Gaborone • Eswatini - Manzini • Nigeria, France, Greece, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Seychelles (Pending)
  10. Impact Report & Awards Total Number of Dispenses 5 163 856 Total Number of Items Dispensed 16 698 792 Total Number of Unique Patients Served 554 225 Total Number of Collections 4 336 767 Awards 2014 -2022 x 3 Awards x 1 Award x 1 Award x 1 Award, 2x Finalists x 1 International Award
  11. Key Partner Collaborations & Integrations
  12. “Without Innovation and Collaboration, We Cannot Advance Healthcare in Africa” Right ePharmacy