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Instyle Interiors

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InStyle Interiors was started in 1999 with a mission to provide a world class interiors with reasonable prices.

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Instyle Interiors

  1. 1. Furniture Construction and Selection
  2. 2. Qualities of Hardwoods Greater dimensional stability Less pitch More durability Harder Holds nails and screws better Less likely to dent
  3. 3. Hardwoods commonly used Maple Cherry Pecan Oak Walnut
  4. 4. Qualities of Softwoods Develops checks and cracks Not as strong as hardwood Less expensive than hardwood
  5. 5. Softwoods commonly used Cedar Pine Redwood Cypress
  6. 6. Veneers Definition Thin slices of wood Advantages of using veneers Solid wood is too expensive Solid wood is too heavy Greater strength Less cost
  7. 7. Furniture Joints Important because they affect the life of the furniture, it’s durability, and it’s strength.
  8. 8. Types of Joints Biscuit Mortise and tenon Rabbet Butt Mitered Dado Lap Dovetail
  9. 9. Parts of Upholstered Furniture Frame Should be kiln dried hardwood Joints should be strengthened Cushioning materials Springs in seat bases Thick cushioning applied over springs and frame. Foam, fiberfill, and down are used.
  10. 10. Support Springs in Mattresses Box springs Coils attached to a base covered with padding Coil springs: Same as box, but not covered or padded Flat springs: Frame with flat springs Number of coils? Good quality has 300 or more
  11. 11. Metals in Furniture Construction Aluminum Iron Steel Used for: Lawn chairs Outdoor furniture Modern furniture
  12. 12. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Metal Furnishings Advantages: Light or heavy Inexpensive Strong Disadvantages: Bends Dents Brittle Rusts and tarnishes
  13. 13. Plastic furniture Advantages: Imitates other materials Light weight Durable Inexpensive Easy to clean
  14. 14. Buying Case Furniture Check for: Surface finish, back and inside finish Solid construction Sturdy base Working parts Drawers open smoothly
  15. 15. Buying Upholstered Furniture Check for: Zippers Underlining Spring quality Comfort
  16. 16. Shopping for Furniture Information and materials you should take with you when you shop for furniture: Measurements: what size are door openings Colors: Carpet, wallpaper, paint, fabric to match