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Winning Strategies for Going Global

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Building a globally successful app business from India is not simple. The challenges range from understanding global audiences, user acquisition tactics and localizing app content to suit global palates. What do app developers and mobile marketers need to keep in mind while building their global expansion plans?
Pramod Rao (SVP of Growth at Zomato) and Supriya Goswami (Head of Marketing, India and SE Asia at InMobi) share their experiences and take you through the most important aspects of going global.

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Winning Strategies for Going Global

  2. 2. ABOUT INMOBI 3rd largestmobile advertisingplatform, afterGoogle andFacebook 1.56Bn+ userson theInMobi network 200Bn+ impressions/month 13Bn+ events ingested in aday GLOBAL REACH AT SCALE WITH LOCAL SERVICE
  3. 3. Speakers Pramod Rao: SVP Growth at Zomato. Pramod is currently the SVP Growth, responsible for international expansion and growth at Zomato. He has been part of Zomato’s growth from the early days and has worked on Social Media, Marketing and Growth strategies for the company. Pramod started his career as a Consultant with Bain & Company and has an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. Supriya Goswami: Head of Marketing, India & South East Asia at InMobi. In her current role she is responsible for managing the InMobi Brand, leveraging different channels such as Public Relations, Marketing Communication, and Events, for India and SE Asia. Supriya has an undergraduate degree from Lady Shriram College for Women, an MBA from Insead and a Masters in Human Resources from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
  4. 4. Zomato started in 2008 in Delhi NCR; currently present across 23 countries
  5. 5. India UAE Sri Lanka UK Qatar Philippines S Africa NZ* Turkey* Indonesia Brazil Poland Italy Australia USA Canada* Ireland Lebanon Czech Slovakia Portugal Chile • Local team: • Leadership • Content • Marketing • Sales • Customized product (e.g.): • Widget introduction from Urbanspoon • Daily menus in Czech • Zip-code search in UK • Focus on user traffic and engagement 2008-11 2013 2014 20152012 Organic Organic (Bilingual) Inorganic / Acquisition markets * Zomato already had significant presence in these markets before acquiring the leading player Extended presence to 22 countries in 2 years and 9 months International expansion and growth a result of aggressive and scalable go to market model
  6. 6. Product landscape Marketpotential& Steadystateeconomics Macro Factors Ease of execution Resources available Factors to consider for expansion
  7. 7. Organic vs Inorganic – example approach UAE example (2012) - Organic Australia example (2015) - Inorganic • 2-3 existing products in the market • No major market leader • Lack of structured content • Strong market potential • High eating out / ordering in propensity • Ease of execution (2-3 main cities, <10k restaurants) • 2-3 existing products in the market • Market leader (~90% share) w/ good product • Mature structured user generated content • Strong market potential • High eating out / ordering in propensity • High cost of organic execution (5 big cities, >40k restaurants)
  8. 8. Our approach to growth in international markets Product Market Fit Localize content Early adopters Community driven marketing Critical mass of users and user generated content Strategic partnerships Monetization
  9. 9. O2O V/S… B2B V/s… Social/ Messaging V/S… Gaming V/s… Business Model Nature of business influences the Global Growth Strategy
  10. 10. Social / Messaging • Conceptually may seem to scale…BUT Very cluttered category • Market consolidates typically towards the top 3 in each market/category • India- FB, Whatsapp, Hike • China- WeChat • Japan- Line • Korea- Kakao • Need a unique value proposition OR Niche targeting • Location based networks • B2B messaging apps • Need to localize app based on cultural nuances in each market. • Do not ignore offline marketing to bootstrap the user network for social apps • E.g. GroupMe ’s grilled cheese food truck at SXSW 2016
  11. 11. O2O (Online to Offline) • Regulatory Framework • Local partnerships • Operational Support: Local hires to run the business • Scale your business by doing things that don’t scale – Get it right with the first 100 customers in each market, the rest will follow.
  12. 12. Gaming China: Localization is not only about Translation Fragmented ecosystem: Number of players in the mobile app ecosystem is a lot higher in China than in the West Distribution Payment Discovery CHINA WEST App Store promotions • Unlike in Google Play, for games monetizing through in-app-purchases, the App Stores in China offer promotions in exchange for revenue share. • Due to presence of multiple app stores in China, it becomes important to pick and choose the right app stores to promote your game in Game Centers in Social Apps • Social messaging platforms like WeChat and QQ are getting in to game distribution through their game centers! • To maximize acquisition, publish your game in the popular social game centers in China
  13. 13. Gaming China (2/2) Perspective and Color Schemes Themes adapted to Chinese culture Characters & In-Game Graphics West China – Gunz Dash Top Endless runer game in west Darker more realistic themes. Top Endless runner game in China Light and colourful themes. West China Human Characters Fantasy Animated cartoons Game Play Complexity West China Challenging Game Play Eg. Puzzle games restrict the number of moves in the west. Simple, fast and engaging game play. Eg. Puzzle games are time based in China. 60 seconds per turn is popular.
  14. 14. B2B InMobi in China • Tech • MVP • Localization post establishing market potential and scale • Entry Model: • JV v/s Independence and flexibility • Talent: • Local Leadership • Deep understanding of local norms: • Communication is top down • Cultural nuances
  15. 15. Thank You Visit us @ indecode.inmobi.com 18