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The Golden Age of Mobile Video Advertising | Global

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The infographic examines data sourced from InMobi's global mobile ad network to give a snapshot of the mobile video advertising ecosystem

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The Golden Age of Mobile Video Advertising | Global

  1. 1. The Golden Age of Mobile Video Advertising 2016 | GLOBAL Video ad consumption grew by 122% in 6 months US and China are the largest consumers of mobile video ads Measured in share of video ad plays USA 31% China 25% Germany 5% France 4% India 5% Video Ads deliver superior user engagement over traditional formats 5xengagement over Banner ads 2xengagement over Native ads 1.5xengagement over Interstitial ads VIDEO ADS DELIVER User engagement is measured in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Gaming, Retail and Travel video ads are highly popular amongst global audiences Measured in share of video ad plays POPULAR VIDEO AD CATEGORIES Games 55% 20% Retail 9% Travel 5% Food & Drink 3% Entertainment Contrary to common belief, video ads are just as popular on mobile data as on WiFi Video play rate Video completion rate Mobile Data WiFi 94% 86% 46% 42% Saturday is the day for mobile video ad indulgence Share of video ad plays Video Play Rate = Video Ads Played / Video Ad Impressions Delivered Video Completion Rate = Video Ads completed / Video Ads Played Follow us on @InMobi Source: InMobi Network data for the period of January - June 2016. Video Ad plays refers to the instance when a video ad has begun playing on the user’s mobile device Monday Tuesday 13.6% Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 13.8% 14% 14.4% 14.5% 15.1% 14.6% Insights 122% growth Januray February 11% March April May June 13% 16% 17% 20% 24%