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InMobi inDecode - How To Make Your App Go Viral


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InMobi inDecode - How To Make Your App Go Viral

  1. 1. 29Feb - User Acquisition & Mobile @InMobi @TUNE, #inDecode
  2. 2. Build Awesome Apps Turn your idea into a killer app having all the monetization tricks already on mind. Grow your App Take your app to the next level, now it’s all about optimization, localization & scalability. Monetize your app Mix n’ match the right ad format with the right ad placement, A/B testing for the win! inDecode is InMobi’s global developer community. Our mission is to connect developers and help them decode how to build, grow and monetize their apps. indecode.inmobi.com – indecode@inmobi.com
  3. 3. 50000 Publisher apps 2.6 billion App downloads tracked 200 countries of operation 140 billion Monthly ad impressions 17 officesAll over the globe 1.5 billionMonthly active users Founded in 2007, InMobi is the world's largest independent mobile ad platform About InMobi For making mobile ads you actually want to see
  4. 4. How to Make Your App Go Viral Sheila Bhardwaj – February 29, 2016
  5. 5. Let’s Get to Know Each Other Sheila Bhardwaj Director of Account Management, TUNE
  6. 6. Download The Full Report: Global Mobile 2016 bit.ly/global_mobile
  7. 7. Agenda 1.Is your app worth sharing? 2.What drives virality? 3.How do you maximize sharing buttons? 4.How do you get users to want to share your app?
  8. 8. 1 Create something worth sharing
  9. 9. What People Share Things that... Add value Evoke emotions Seem extraordinary
  10. 10. Globally, Which Apps Are Installed the Most? GAMES AS A % OF INSTALLS
  11. 11. Globally, Which Apps Are Installed the Most? SOCIAL AS A % OF INSTALLS
  12. 12. Globally, Which Apps Are Installed the Most? MUSIC AS A % OF INSTALLS
  13. 13. Globally, Which Apps Are Installed the Most? TRAVEL AS A % OF INSTALLS
  14. 14. 2 What drives virality?
  15. 15. 2 What drives virality? Emotions and vanity.
  16. 16. “Whether you’re selling soda, car insurance, or a presidential candidate, evoking emotion increases word-of- mouth.” Jonah Berger Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Pennsylvania
  17. 17. Create Opportunities for Users to... Achieve something they’re proud of Make themselves look good Feel better about themselves
  18. 18. What Do These Top Apps Have in Common?
  19. 19. 3 Sharing buttons: when, where and which?
  20. 20. Make Sharing Easy Enable sharing to multiple social networks at once Show only the channels that users post to Use sharing channels that are relevant to the app Add images and text to social actionsApp in the Air utilized Instagram and WhatsApp to drive 40% of their downloads.
  21. 21. 4 Don’t trick users into sharing your apps... Reward them!
  22. 22. Circle App: A Case Study in User Frustration When people downloaded the app, they tapped a button that unknowingly invited everyone they knew.
  23. 23. Circle App - A Case Study in User Frustration When people downloaded the app, they tapped a button that unknowingly invited everyone they knew. It surged the app’s numbers… but enraged everyone else.
  24. 24. Instead, Reward for Sharing Ways to reward without breaking the bank: Additional storage A free upgrade Free additional features In-app currency
  25. 25. Q & A Learn more: tune.com/blog

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  • Welcome. My name is [Name]. I am a [Title] for TUNE, a mobile marketing company that builds the leading enterprise SaaS platforms for marketers and their ad supply partners.
  • We put together a report using data we collected ourselves using historical data for 2015 which was a massive year for mobile, it was a massive year for mobile marketers. Through TUNE, across more than 249 countries, marketers measured:
    Billions of mobile installs
    More than 100 billion mobile clicks
    Hundreds of billions of mobile ad impressions

    Interestingly, marketers also tracked billions of in-app actions, going beyond acquisition to engaging and re-engaging with mobile users and customers. To put it in perspective, the amount of data we measured was:
    Over 400,000 gigabytes
    Which is about 150 standard desktop hard drives of data
    Which is enough to store about 100 million songs
  • Everyone wants an app and we’re going to talk today about how to make that happen
  • Games are massive in almost every single country, averaging just over 40% of the app installs that TUNE measures globally. Here are a few of the countries that rank particularly high, with their percentage of game apps across both Android and iOS.
  • A trend we see globally is that humans like to stay connected with other humans. Here is the percentage of TUNE-measured installs for social apps in seven countries… Japan being perhaps the most social.

    An interesting note -- while there’s broad adoption globally, we tend to see larger focus on social in countries that are in some sense isolated, whether by custom, law, culture, history, or geographical location.
  • Music is one of the most consistently downloaded categories globally, accounting for about 3-6% of TUNE measured downloads in almost every single country. Except, of course, Mexico… Where people apparently love music even more passionately.
  • Another remarkably consistent trend that TUNE measures globally is the desire to travel, both within one’s country and abroad. People in almost every nation have this desire, although we see it particularly strong in China.

    One thing to note -- while travel apps have a clear revenue model, their usage mode is episodic. In-app marketing can help you both engage and re-engage users over time.
  • Lastly, we’d like to give a nod to the top apps in five key categories. We can all learn from these apps, in terms of how they acquire, retain, attribute and generate revenue from users -- both around the globe and at an individual user level.

    They have something about them that wants to make people keep using them
  • http://valleywag.gawker.com/the-worlds-new-least-favorite-app-circle-1480567495

  • http://valleywag.gawker.com/the-worlds-new-least-favorite-app-circle-1480567495