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Introducing Acronis Backup as a Service

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Are you a value-added reseller? Hosting company? Cloud service provider? By incorporating Acronis Backup as a Service into your offerings, you can provide your customer base with an easy, complete, and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.
Join us to learn how recurring revenue, attractive profit margins, customer retention, and the opportunity to grab new business can make Acronis Backup as a Service a highly lucrative addition to your services portfolio.


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Introducing Acronis Backup as a Service

  1. 1. New Generation Data Protection Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine Introducing Acronis Backup as a Service The ONLY Backup Solution Available through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Presented by Seth Goodling Director, Service Providers
  2. 2. Hundreds of millions of USD in license revenue 680 employees worldwide, 330 engineers 30,000 strong partner ecosystem in 90 countries 300K+ businesses, 5M+ consumers, Over 160 OEMs 5+ Million VMs under Acronis protection Products in 14 languages, customers in 130 countries Acronis Industry Proven Leader
  3. 3. Acronis Industry Proven Leader Market Leading Solutions & Technology Market Leadership 3,000,000+ new licenses in 2013 300,000 business customers 100,000+ corporate free trial downloads/year Acronis AnyData Everything backup Acronis AnyAccess Everything access
  4. 4. What’s at Risk? • Business continuity – Irreplaceable data puts business at risk • Loss of time to recreate data – Cost of data is doubled • Loss of productivity – Time lost waiting for data recovery • Exposure of confidential information – Competition, media, can damage reputation • Privacy regulations compliance – Fines and potential jail for exposure of private information 4
  5. 5. The SMB Reality… 70% Have insufficient* DR protection of their critical data 48% Run both Virtual and Physical Systems in their Data Center 54% Virtualized environments have more than 1 Hypervisor 67% Virtualized environments have Hypervisors other than two market leaders *Company has sufficient DR protection when more than 75% of critical data is regularly backed up off-site. Source: “Complexity and Data Growth Driving Small and Medium-Sized Environments Toward a New Generation of Data Protection”, IDC, June 2014. Sample: 401 SMB Businesses, <1000 employees
  6. 6. Acronis Solutions Backup & Recovery Disaster Recovery Laptop & Desktop Migration Secure Access Capture: Image-based Always Incremental Backup Store: Unified Backup Format Recover: Universal Restore & Active Restore Manage: Unified, Policy-based Access: Policy Engine,AD Integration, Mobile Editing Problems we solve How we do it The Acronis AnyData Engine Easy Safe Complete
  7. 7. Acronis Backup as a Service enables service providers to quickly solve customers’ data protection problems with a proven, comprehensive local and cloud backup and recovery service
  8. 8. Why Acronis BaaS? 1. Rapid time to market with per-use business model 2. Local and Cloud Backup and Recovery 3. Protection of Any Data, Any System 4. Multi-tier / Multi-tenancy 5. Cloud Backup made Easy 6. New Generation Cloud Architecture
  9. 9. Assuring Customer Confidence Overcome customer concerns with cloud data security and leakage • Strong protection with Acronis BaaS advanced security – SSL encryption of management channels – In-transit and at-rest AES256 encryption for data • Proven solution from Acronis – Recognized Brand – Protecting Mission-Critical Data since 2002 – Reliable Cloud Backup architecture in operation since 2010 • Acronis Datacenters – Tier IV design regional datacenters in US, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Japan and more added quarterly – SSAE 16 certified data centers well equipped to handle any disaster
  10. 10. Where Do Acronis Technologies Fit? PC 1-3 3-100 100+ #OFSYSTEMSTOPROTECT Simple Backup & DR for SOHO Backup & DR for small environments Complete Backup, DR & Management for mid-size environments Point solutions for enterprises (BMR, Deployment, Secure Access) 10Proprietary and Confidential
  11. 11. What is Good backup? One System for Any Data • Backup Any Data: OS, VM, apps. • Restore Any Data: bytes, blocks, bricks, objects, whole systems • Transfer Any Data: huge files, lots of small files, hot data, big data • Store on Any Data Media: disks, tapes or in the cloud Most Complete System for Your Data • Ensures consistency and recoverability of Your Data • De-duplicates and compresses Your Data for efficient storage and transmission • Use authentication and strong encryption for security of Your Data • Provides monitoring, auditing, reporting, data retention and other means of safeguarding Your Data © 2014 Proprietary and Confidential 11
  12. 12. Acronis Backup as a Service overview © 2014 12 Acronis Management Ingram/ Parallels Management Provider Management Reseller Management Customer Management Onboarding Preferences & Activation Deployment Backup Plan Execution Reporting Monitoring & Controlling Windows PC Windows server Linux Server VMware Hyper-V ChannelManagement Department Administrator Machine Agents Backup Delivery & Management Process About Acronis | Cloud market | Backup as a Service | SPLA
  13. 13. Acronis Hosted © 2014 13 Cloud Storage Boston, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore End Customer Global Backup Management Cloud Distributor VAR/MSP Physical servers Virtualization Workstations End Customer Storage* About Acronis | Cloud market | Backup as a Service | SPLA *Per September 2014
  14. 14. Demo Time!
  15. 15. Backup and Restore © 2014 15 Operating Systems • Windows, Linux and Mac • Latest versions as well as older versions Hypervisor • All popular hypervisors • API-level integration • Agent-less • Faster than real iron Backup Any Data Application • All Your Applications • Understands data formats and dependencies • Plugs into Your environment Granular Restore • Recover that critical piece of data you need now, even with system-level backup Full System Restore • Recover whole system from bare metal, quickly • Even on different or virtual hardware Why Granular? • Most of us working on limited number of things • If your computer fails, get these last things and continue working elsewhere Restore Any Data
  16. 16. Getting Started? © 2014 About Acronis | Cloud | Backup as a Service | SPLA 16 Ingram Micro Cloud Sales Phone: (800) 705-7057 option 4 Email: cloud.infrastructure@ingrammicro.com
  17. 17. www.acronis.com twitter.com/acronis blog.acronis.com facebook.com/acronis New Generation Data Protection Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine