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Trabajo proyecto adrian marina elena

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Trabajo proyecto adrian marina elena

  1. 1. Adrián Dengra Román Marina Jaimez Rubio Elena Mirón Alcalá YES, WE CAN !  Phases 1. We got many cans and we cut them.IntroductionDay to day, we use too many cans and we dontknow how many interesting things we can do withthem. IWhen we throw away cans, they take ten years to 2 We made a cardboard base with scissors and glue.decompose Weve made a ship with cans to Then we joined ,with staples, cans to the base.demostrate that cans are very useful. 3. We put on the base a heap of cans and over thisMaterials aluminium layer.- Cardboard. (structure) Useful questions Anothers options- Around 50 empty - When did you make the project? Once acans. week, two hours during the month. 4. We did two holes in the layer and we made a - How many hours have you spent in total? 12 tower with three and four cans.- Staples. hours more or less.- Glue. - Was it difficult to build it? It was a bit difficult but it was also very interesting and fun.- Scissors. - After that project, are you going to recycle more? Yes, now we are more aware of the- Knife. 5. Finally we paint everything with spray and we put environment amd we eill try to reduce, reuse and recycle more. plasticine to protect your hands.- Gloves. - How much did it cost on? We reuse almost- Thread and neadle. everything, but we have spent five euros in painting it.- Plasticine.- Spray.