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Online marketing sales kit

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Online marketing sales kit

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Online marketing sales kit

  1. 1. Argo Studio Online Marketing Service
  2. 2. Content
  3. 3. AdWiFi • Location Based WiFi Advertising Network • The most cost effective advertising solution to target tourists • Full Page Mobile Ad with different advertising methods 中西區 8% 東區 7% 南區 2% 灣仔區 9% 深水埗區 4% 九龍城區 5% 觀塘區 9% 黃大仙區 3% 油尖旺區 16% 離島區 1% 葵青區 5% 北區 3% 西貢區 3% 沙田區 6% 大埔區 3% 荃灣區 6% 屯門區 5% 元朗區 4%
  4. 4. AdWiFi Hong Kong Commercial Daily Sing Tao Apple Daily Ta Kung Pao Commercial Radio Hong Kong Hong Kong Economic Times Famous Advertising Network Headline Daily
  5. 5. AdWiFi 1. Fast Food Chains 2. Clinic & Hospital 3. Shopping Malls 4. Restaurants & Bars 5. Entertainment & Leisure 6. Commercial Building 7. Parking 8. Institutions 9. Vending Machine 10. Hotel 11. Beauty & Message Center 12. Hair Salon 13. Public Facilities 14. Community Service 15. Skincare & Cosmetics 16. Apparel 17. Home Living 18. Footwear 19. Kids & Children 20. Luxury goods 21. Consumer Electronic • Target Different Venue and call for action immediately
  6. 6. AUDIENCE BUYING MOBILE ADVERTISEMENT • We have 16 famous segments for precise targeting • You can reach the segment with high sales potential • All segments formed by big data with billion people database
  7. 7. • You can See your Full Page Ad in Famous App Network in Hong Kong • Besides the Jpg, Your Ad can be in different format such as Video, HTML5 AUDIENCE BUYING MOBILE ADVERTISEMENT Apps Display Network
  8. 8. FACEBOOK MANAGEMENT & PROMOTION • Help you to plan and develop effective Facebook ad and promotion campaigns so that you can reach new target customers
  9. 9. WeChat Account Setup • Account Setup • Account Verification • Menu / Welcome Message • Broadcast Message See More: http://kf.qq.com/faq/120911VrYVrA130805byM32u.html
  10. 10. WECHAT MANAGEMENT & PROMOTION • Reach targeted audiences with huge customer base • Creative articles cater to target audiences' tastes and preferences
  11. 11. WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
  12. 12. VIDEO ADVERTISING • Using Youtube , MyTV, or mobile pop up ad to deliver your promotion message
  13. 13. SEARCH & DISPLAY ADVERTISING • Reach your customers when they are search you • Reach customers through banner ad placements across millions of websites & mobile apps • Re-engage visitors with remarketing advertising
  14. 14. FORUM MARKETING • Promote your brand among several major HK forums • Build reputation and promote campaign by creating discussion stories to engage others to discuss
  15. 15. BLOGGER MARKETING • Famous bloggers help drive traffic to your website & establish authority • Connect & engage with your targeted audience
  16. 16. SMS • Send text messages to advertise and promote your products and services to target customers • Target at female customers with high consumption power
  17. 17. Electronic direct marketing (EMS) • directly marketing a commercial message to your target customers using email
  18. 18.  Magazine  Newspaper  Leaflet Poster Sales Brochure Web Content Wall Banner Direct Mail Corporate Identity Template GRAPHIC DESIGN
  19. 19. VIDEO PRODUCTION • A fun and live-like means to deliver your message to your customers • Showcase your brand with stunning motion graphics and viral videos to capture potential customers • Help you arrange a best fit location for placing their videos and get the best result within their budget
  20. 20. HTML5 DESIGN Customized In-APP Functions Read Gallery and Upload Photos Save Coupon Add to Calendar Simplify mobile experience in catching an electronic coupon Streamline photo upload procedure, direct read from gallery and enhance engagement. Add activity to user’s calendar as warm reminder to enhance engagement motivation 同意 不同意 儲存照片 確定將儲存圖片到手機相簿? i Motion Sensitive Interaction
  21. 21. WEB DESIGN
  22. 22. THANK YOU! Enquiry: 3502 4511 / info@aras.hk