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Social Network PHP Script to Build Facebook Clone Website

Use this social network PHP script to build your Facebook like website. This is the best social networking script which comes with tons of features and can be customized easily.

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Social Network PHP Script to Build Facebook Clone Website

  1. 1. Social Network PHP Script Best Social Facebook CloneSocial networks such as Facebook, Hi5 and others are the most popular website on the internetvisited by millions of people daily, we can say we live in the age of social networking sites. Ihave already written about a social network PHP script called DZOIC Handshakes and now Iwant to show another very popular and widely used social networking script or Facebook clonewhich is used for hundreds of social networks.I have checked the admin and user demo and for the flexibility of this social network PHP scriptis very sympathetic. The basic installation is quite simple, but you can find a lot of perfect skinsand more than 1000 paid and free add-ons to boost your community site.This script is definitely the best solution to build a social networking site.Check out some community sites that use this script hereWhy choose this Social Network PHP ScriptPhpFox has a great developer and community support forum withthousands of threads such as questions, ideas, tips and free sources.Personally, I like these support communities as I can always find what Ineed and I can ask for help.Moreover, this is the only social network PHP script that can be extended extremely by usingadd-ons. You can find more than 600 free ad-ons and more than 400 paid ones. I’m sure youcan find everything you need to tweak your social networking site. These add-ons are very usefulfor customizing your site, and improve monetization, SEO and to offer more value for members.The admin panel of this social networking is very easy to use and it contains hundreds of optionsto tweak everything. You can simply add new plugins or change options such as modules,plugins. I’ve created a short video showing PhpFox admin panel briefly.List of Features of this Social network PHP scriptThere are so many possibilities and options. I just want to show some of the main features of thissocial networking script. (Maybe you have already seen them in the video).  Create as many custom user groups as you wish. You can set up paid groups, too.  Shoutbox: Your members can share something rather quick with the community.  Mail: Private mail system (can only seen by admins)  Quizzes: The users can create tests for other members www.scriptech.net
  2. 2.  Costume fields: You can control and create custom fields for your social network and its niche.  Social Sharing: RSS and social sharing possibilities to your members.  Activity Tracking: Like Facebook’s Live Feed.  Invitation System  Forum, Videos, Blogs and Polls making your social networking site more enjoyable.  Marketplace: The only Social network PHP script with built-in market place to sell and buy.  Integrated Messenger: The members can chat with each other site wide.  Newsletter integration  Music: Mp3s can be shared by the users if you wish.  Ad Campaigns: By using these functions you simply monetize your social network script setting up any kind of ads.These are just some of the functions can be found and as I have mentioned there are hundreds ofadd-ons to expand this Facebook clone.You can check out all the features here that can be testedRequirementsThe requirements of this software are usual – most of thehosting services have those. However, for using video and mp3options FFmpeg and Mp3 encoder is needed, this is onlyimportant if you want to allow users to upload videos andaudio. Though, for some bucks per month you can get hosting.Themes of PhpFox Social Networking ScriptYou can find many templates for some bucks which helps youto make your Faceook clone more unique. For example, this isa free theme you can use, but there are many great lookingpremium themes, too.My thoughts about starting a social networking websiteIn my point of view, competing with the giant and general social networking sites such asFacebook is impossible. But you can set up communities based on a niche. For example, you canmade one for Pet lovers, computer lovers, music fans etc. with this you can have a greatcommunity based on the same interest which can create a good income by promoting products forthem based on what they are really interested in. For this project this social network PHP script isthe best choice.Click here to get more information www.scriptech.net