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Skinny's strategic planning presentation 9.26.12

  1. Strategic Plan Presentation October 10, 2012
  2. CEO – Deb Nemshick  COO – James Blake  CFO – Ima McCollum  CIO – Mike Massaro  CMO – Anthony Samartino  CLO – Victoria Eckman
  3. A growing, mid-sized company that offers healthy food in a fast food-type style.  Meal plans with nutritional guidance available for those who wish for it.  “Nutritional Gym”.  Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  We make eating healthy affordable and convenient.
  4. We make it easy for you to be healthy. At Skinny’s, we have created a unique healthy fast-food experience. We offer tasty & nutritious menu options along with nutritional guidance and education. We will not stop growing until you see a Skinny’s in every town in America!  Our company motto is Lo-Cal, Local. Skinny’s partners with local farmers, health professionals and fitness gyms to offer a blend of services that will enable our customers to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Healthy casual dining options  Meal plan packages (similar to Nutrisystem or or Weight Watchers)  (Cost of meal plans, monthly, quarterly, etc)  Teaming up with local gyms to offer additional healthy lifestyle programs at a reduced rate  Online website that offers a personal health tracker for individuals
  6. Can track initial weigh in and all subsequent weigh-ins in the privacy of your own home!  Can monitor the meal choices made for each day by selecting menu items on the site and adding them to your daily food notebook.  Tracking workouts will be simple and easy too.  The website will help you decide on your health goals and will design a plan that is right for you!  >Insert “picture?” of homepage (mike?)
  7. 64 restaurants open and operating.  $100 million in revenue annually.  North-Eastern occupied.  __% of business comes from meal plans  __% of produce comes from farmers  __% of revenue go to operating expenses
  8. Prevail as the leading healthy fast food alternative in the United States and begin international expansion.  Expansion into airports and vacation towns.  Monthly memberships.
  9. Purpose: To create healthy lifestyle options for people with busy lives. Values: 1. Quality 2. Honesty 3. Responsibility
  10. Consistently delivering fresh, local foods prepared to meet impeccable standards for taste, health and presentation. Normative Behavior Statements 1. Always preparing food in a consistent manner 2. Keeping the menu healthy and flavorful 3. Presenting the food in an appealing way
  11. Always providing accurate information to both employees and customers in any circumstance. Normative Behavior Statements 1. Being up front about all nutritional information 2. Making sure employees are informed of all relative decisions – never keep them uninformed 3. Present current project status, risk, etc. 4. Keeping customers informed of where our product is coming from.
  12. Owning all decisions to both customers and employees, and ensuring the health of those we serve. Normative Behavior Statements 1. We are responsible for our actions and the actions of coworkers 2. We are responsible for making all guests feel welcomed 3. We are responsible to help customers meet their health goals
  13. Most recognized health food restaurant in the country – to make Skinny’s a household name by occupying nationwide markets. KPIs: 1. 500 Million in revenue 2. All major cities will have at least two Skinny’s locations 3. 95% Customer satisfaction 4. 5 % Employee turnover rate 5. Cut operating costs by 55% 6. 75% contribution by local farmers 7. Meal plans generating __% of business.
  14. Occupy all major cities on West Coast KPIs 1. 250 Million in revenue 2. All major cities on the West Coast will have at least four Skinny’s locations 3. 87% Customer satisfaction 4. 10% Employee turnover rate 5. Cut operating costs by 45% 6. 65% contribution by local farmers 7. Meal plans generating __% of business.
  15. Grow 50 million (to 150 million) in revenue and lower operating costs KPIs 1. Cut operating costs by/to? 35% 2. 50% contribution by local farmers 3. 150 million in revenue 4. 80% customer satisfaction 5. 15% employee turnover rate 6. Key managers and team trained for expansion 7. Meal plans generating __% of business.
  16. Skinny’s objectives for the next year of operation includes:  Keeping food cost under 35% of operating expenses.  Keeping employee labor cost between 24-29% of operating expenses  Remain a small restaurant with excellent food and service.  Increasing sales to 150,000,000 per year.  Promote and expand in major East Coast Cities.  Expand our marketing and advertising in targeted Major Market areas on the East Coast.  Achieve 12% return on investment to investors for the first two years and 15% for the next three years. (? Just check numbers to make sure they are reasonable but sounds good)
  17. Keeping food prices low.  Making healthy taste appealing to all audiences.  Logistics.  Remain fresh.  Local cuisine/culture.  Competition moving West, consumer acceptance moving South.
  18. T - Skinny’s primary competition is main stream fast food chains that offer lower calorie menu options or can offer low priced menu options such as McDonalds, Panera Bread, Subway, etc… S -Skinny’s competitive edge will include a menu that serves all low calorie and healthy options as opposed to our competition where healthy options are limited. S - Skinny’s will offer nutritional and diet counseling through our state of the art interactive website which will allow our customers to track their calories consumed by swiping their key fob when ordering. (love that idea) S - Skinny’s will partner with local gyms to offer discounted memberships to our customers. S - Skinny’s will partner with local health care professionals who will offer free BMI and Blood Pressure assessments to our customers once a month
  19. O - The creation of a unique and innovative healthy dining atmosphere will differentiate us from the competition. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique offerings of healthy fast food along with nutritional counseling . We will offer a dining experience in which our customers will enjoy healthy choices. S - Product quality. Not only great food but great service and atmosphere. T -The menu will appeal to a wide and varied clientele. We will offer a children’s menu along with options for dietary restrictions such as peanut allergies, Gluten-Free and Low Glycemic options for our customers with Diabetes. O - We will have partnerships with local gyms to offer our customers a discounted membership. O - We will gain approval from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association to ensure we are delivering a product in line with healthy standards. (?) O - We will offer franchise opportunities to reduce costs and allow us to expand more rapidly.
  20. Strengths: Weaknesses: 1. Healthy , High Quality Food , prepared fresh to 1. Dependencies on local farmers/availability order. of food sources. 2. Environmentally Friendly – Organic, Use of 2. Relationships with partners in the health Biodegradable packaging and fitness industry. 3. Dietary Guidelines strictly enforced (American 3. Staying current on regulations for approval Heart Association, American Diabetic from various Associations. Association) 4. Specific target focus will limit customer 4. State of the Art Technology – interactive web- base. site available for customer’s to track and 5. High cost of food manage health progress. 6. Labor turnover 5. Competitive pricing, comparable to pricing for 7. Wastage packaged food products offered by Nutri- 8. Consistency of food – quality and delivery system/Jenny Craig. timeframes 6. Professional Employees who are well trained and 9. Menu appeal rewarded for best in class customer 10. Perceived high end product service, profit sharing opportunities. 11. High cost of space 7. Cultural change towards healthy eating 8. Holistic view of healthy lifestyle 9. Nutritional education
  21. Opportunities: Threats: 1. Unique marketing concept – no real 1. Economic slow down could impact growth competition at this point in time. 2. Increased competition from major Fast Food 2. High demand for healthy food options. companies and grocery stores. 3. Market segment is poised for tremendous 3. Availability of local food sources growth. 4. Frequent changes to dietary guidelines 4. Franchise opportunities will offer rapid 5. Media critics expansion. 6. Weather Impacts on crops 5. Geographic expansion 6. Airports 7. Memberships 8. Nutritional programs 9. Joint venture with gyms, other health food outlets 10.Food delivery 11.Regional menus 12.Inner city food/gardening programs 13.Social networking