law of trust in malaysia law law of trust common law education equity equity and trust trust iium charitable trust evidence admissibility islamicpreaching islam educacion res gestae relevant facts company law law of partnership partnership property case review similar facts civil proceedings cy-pres cypres law of evidence relevancy usul al fiqh feminist perspective on jurisprudence modernism feminist feminism islamic jurisprudence jurisprudence usululfiqh western jurisprudence cultural feminism god mohamed koran allah da'wah muhammad preaching quran marketing remedies for breach of trust breach of trust. trust law power and duties of trustees. secret trust non- charitable purpose trust. common law doctrine of cy-pres cy pres strangers as constructive trust. exam notes for trust law easy exam notes presumed resulting trsut equity and trsut resulting trust constitution of trust malaysian law easy notes for trust exam three certainties. equity & trust law of evidence. section 6 of evidence act hearsay in written form hearsay in oral form types of hearsay evidence reason for excluding hearsay evidence hearsay by conduct hearsay evidence 1. dying declarations pp v haji kassim subramaniam v pp section 3 of ea 1950 fact in issue in criminal proceeding fact in issue in civil proceeding facts in issue types of evidence section 5 of ea 1950 law of trust. advancement of religion charitable trust iii other purposes law of trust / charitable trust/ charitable trust 3 charitable trust ii case text notes property malaysia aikol partnership un-bailable offence non-bailable offence amount of bond bail cpc bail and the amount of bond bailable offences evidence act 1950 ss 14 & 15 [2012] 4 mlj 713 al bakhtiar bin ab samat v public [2012] 4 mlj 713 principles relating to similar fact evidence admission similar fact evidence [2005] 5 mlj 334 balancing exercise by court azahan [2005] 5 mlj 334 azahan bin mohd aminallah v publi whether probative value of similar fact evidence o azahan bin mohd aminallah v public prosecutor o'brien michael o'brien v chief constable of south wales p [2005] ukhl 26 o'brien v chief constable of south wales police case law subsequent failure initial failure application of the doctrine of cy pres trail in shariah court in malaysia shariah criminal procedure section 96 scp trail in syariah court eps2 continuity. section 6 of the evidence act. section 8 of the evidence act. section 9 of the evidence act circumstantial evidence
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