security privacy access control authentication aodv manet information flow control trust management electronic medical records security information security organizational space organizational structure grid computing certificate-less authenticated key agreement image steganography cloud computer trust. wireless sensor network application layer security dos memory protection compartmentalization object capability model cheri architecture trusted execution environments deep learning blockchain password cracking general programming python programming memory efficiency time efficiency generator expressions iterator in-memory functions regular functions generator functions python functions malicious behaviour tamper proof device vanet international relations energy strategy cyber black hole information military intelligence human trafficking national security space command raspberry pi 2. software tpm trusted platform module trusted computing cybersecurity voice recognition biometric internet of things collaborative economy. information technology convenience security risks transport uber app-based e-hail taxi indian context data radiology reports medical records protected health information free text de-identification hakeem program. data breach health records simulation attack scenario security threat rwm image processing. idps blackhole attack and safety. accessibility availability healthcare information security trusted third party. location-based services anonymization server cloaking location privacy saudi arabia electronic commerce internet online shopping lcd etc. fingerprint scanner zigbee fingerprint module privacy online asia europe individualism social influence reduce runtime overhead software development process software security srtm tcb drtm tpm k-nn classifier watermarking privacy preserving virtual network denial of service (dos) attack virus or malware discrete fourier transform (dft) intrusion detection system (ids) information leakage prevention web service savi solutions network ingress filtering fcfs savi method. ip spoofing attack dna cellular automata uracil. thymine investment models “context investment framework content process” approach security economics untrusted environment cloud security secure storage multi-cloud security mobile cloud computing data node client node hdfs document identification name node big data mapreduce online social security (osn) privacy index privacy measurement cross-side scripting sql injection attack cross-site request forgery php web applications vulnerability www intrusion detection ids attacks tools life cycle techniques functionality top-k monitoring aggregate signature periodic verification cryptography with steganography indexed scheme constraints role-based access control first order logic prover9 formal verification spatial domain lsb security policy provenance data auditing sensitive information loss of reputation data leakage penetration testing social media site cross-domain identity trust organizational patronage. organizational responsibility organizational identity corporate support corporate identity corporate responsibility pairing-free cover image & lsb human visual system chaotic maps dynamic system diehard test suite elementary cellular automata pvalues. chaotic rules pseudo random number sequences participation strategies security as a service information systems service-oriented architecture e-city integration malicious pdf document heuristics malware detection cued click point one time password time complexity. mmd fractal sieve response time recommender system facebook social network classification of users data security mobile ad-hoc networks gbdeer protocol energy efficient routing protocols routing protocols cloud computing. mobile computing pervasive computing ubiquitous computing tunnel routing attack wormhole link pds rreq flooding attack touch screens mobile phones personal information online social networks reactive jamming jamming techniques trigger identification. wsn. false data bloom filter elliptical curve cryptography user relationship prevent information leakage role-based access control (rbac) mobile network personal information & screen social networks smart mobile phone
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