supply chain management change management analytical frameworks value chain management knowledge management customer service cultural issues channel management business-to-business marketing information technology in service delivery information technology in product distribution economic issues distribution channels demand forecasting and planning customer retention strategies • economic issues • cultural issues • channel management • analytical frameworks • value chain management • supply chain management • distribution channels • demand forecasting and planning • customer retention strategies • customer service • business-to-business marketing • information technology in service delivery • information technology in product distribution • change management • knowledge management • legal and regulatory issues outbound and reverse logistics) • logistics management and planning (inbound • manufacturing methods and strategies supply chain • metrics and measurement legal and regulatory issues metrics and measurement logistics management and planning (inbound food supply chain value chain distributedandparallelsystem d manufacturing methods and strategies purchasing strategy sustainability branding smart logistics transform strategy risk assessment information technology procurement strategy competition public sector acquisition e-procurement auction reverse auction value chain analysis tea value chain upgrading value chain reverse logistics data mining ranking enterprises decentralized blockchain logistics management industry 4.0 logistics artificial intelligence structured digital approach key performance indicators corporate responsibility eu regulations ecological and social sustainability resilience vegetable farmers safety protocols covid 19 e-government trajectory data warehouse mobile objects sales. purchase decision-making marketing consumer behavior brand loyalty mobile telecommunication systems process efficiencies cost savings federal government critical factor food quality food safety compliance risk ps (parents stock) gp (grand parents) poultry hatchery ntfp livelihood supply chains supply chain collaboration vietnam structure equation model (sem-pls) mechanical sector vietnam value chain. vietnam tea industry individual characteristics work experience passion to develop its own idea need for autonomy e-commerce information system curriculum management thailand qualifications framework for higher educa supply chain performance supply chain integration performance employment product recalls automotive recalls closed loop supply chain collaboration india africa multi criteria decision making service marketing brand associations outsourcing bangladesh human resource management work restaurants service industry • software security • iot software engineering formal methods visual software engineering • quality management • web engineering • software engineering practic software process software engineering software circular economy natural solution local raw material local market tribal entrepreneurship blockchain technology modeling and simulation parallel processing optimization multimedia systems neural networks theory of parallel peer to peer networks myown computing frequency distributedandparallelsystem marketing channel actors tomato production change management board (ccb unregulated change management transportation management geopolitic friend-shoring dynamic capabilities perspecti supply chain responsiveness supply chain agility transit trade freight volume covid-19 cross-border trade ecological footprint cremation burial business management hong kong management scm supply chain performance. sugar processing firms electronic supplier management process mining digital innovation thematic literature review business process management risk management enablers intention. teaching need for achievement motivational individual factors id3 decision tree discovered knowledge labeling customers emerging markets dominican republic wine supply chain procurement performance contract structure invitation to tender supplier pre-qualification waste management information security test public agency information security awareness social engineering user behavior assembler-supplier synergy supply chain challenges automotive industry τ-value fairness distribution of cooperation gains cooperative game theory cooperation gains local suppliers supermarket retail network design and routing outbound and reverse logistics) manufacturing meth : e-government intangible and tangible assets investments value creation complementary assets sugar manufacturing firms practice electronic material management teachers saw method ranking motivational factors motivation moroccan apparel supply chain diamantine zara fast fashion market maker buyer-seller relationships private sector government values innovation mobile telecommunication systems nomadic computing • legal and regulatory iss technological innovation service-oriented systems digital learning aids online instruction • business-to-business marketing • change manageme web2.0 • web 2.0 • service-oriented systems business-to-business marketing change management • change management. • online auctions and market mechanisms • mobile telecommunication systems web 2.0 technologies • performance metrics • quality control and improvement • network design and routing • manufacturing methods and strategies • metrics a • logistics management and planning • demand forecasting and planning • distribution c • customer service • customer retention strategies outbound and reverse logistics) • manufacturing me risk management enablers. doc (day old chicken) & sme (small & medium enterp pharmaceutical industry ahp and fahp technique. cold chain ethiopia kocho ensete ventricosum bulla barriers green practices and products sc’s relationships sustainable housing green supply chain management challenges opportunities online shopping saudi arabia process capability indices (pcis) process capability competitiveness productivity analytic hierarchy process. readymade garment constraints hcd agricultural value chains farmers education social belongingness distress selling replacement parts. recycle pricing used products remanufacturing farmer’s producer company market linkages and assessment sustainable harvesting supply chain relationships structural equation modeling procurement cost and price movement future value chain vegetable supply chain value stream analysis lead time crashing cost integrated inventory model k-means path planning of travelling ant colony optimization inter-functional co-ordination brand orientation competitor orientation consumer orientation brand performance audit quality profit relevance accounting conservatism result management upgrade. traditional brick kilns network chains agents unorganized sector valve chains production process labour intensive carbon footprint carbon emissions freight transportation tourism traditional industries handicraft algeria technique for order preference similarity to ideal factor analysis service quality analytic hierarchy process construction projects nigeria value management cost supporting activities. integrated steel plant value chain model primary activities steel manufacturing sector zimbabwe marketing margins beef sub sector japanese companies malaysia principal component analysis triple bottom line closed loop supply chai n analytic hierarchy process commer cial banks corporate governance bangladesh bank scam vietnam tea industry vietnam value chai valuechain analysis supply chainanalysis focal firm& ppp internal sources of knowledge organizational innovation organizational performance. social risk environmental risk software product development product development traditional product management agile product development successful product attributes parag persona project management program management persona portfolio management product persona product management financial capital. entrepreneurial team diversity of human capital organizational learning leadership social network the creation of new company appears as a cause of or the crises and the deregulations. in front of t we will devote this paper for better encircling an to open out and reinforce their position in the ma and more particularly on the stake which this doma and we tried to know how the individual factors (m which are exerted on it by treating the determinants of the entrepreneuria because of a significant number of the requirement students must reconsider their behaviors and their no one is safe from forces and pressures teaching) can influence the intention of the entre need for accomplishment the need for change today disintermediaries silk industry cybermediaries small medium enterprises earning per share performance evaluation commercial banks net income 1. introduction: pakistan easy banking process structural factors bank selection criteria raw material management vietnam dairy industry; dairy value chain; vietnam inter-organizational competencies competencies petri net. workflow net selection supplier e-procurement model business-to-business transactional relationships collaborative relationships relationship management downstream supply chain clientele. principal/agent theory citizen relationship management communication call centre business process outsourcing information retrieval information distribution tora transportation. vogel approximation method (vam) transportation model aggregate planning electronics industry supply chain electronic industry citizenship coalition (eicc) c social responsibilities. clients relief committee. loans self- sufficiency plans empowerment the iso/iec 27001 standard the civil servants law no 657 information security management system customer choice 1. introduction mobile phone purchasing decisions knowledge management (km) fuzzy dematel fuzzy todim paikgacha human development. rural micro-enterprises rural electrification garment industry inventory management product specific supply chain quick response banking career. employer branding attitudes indicators. business processes process framework profile of the leader entrepreneurial culture entrepreneurial orientation tunisia. supermarkets agricultural value chain sadc smallholder producers policy stock index stock market s&p 500 dataset regression fuzzy ahp supplier selection x-means algorithm demographic variables reileff. x-means algorithm demographic variables reileff. sustainable competitive advantage sustainable development. schedule pressure new product development auto-component industry analytic hierarchy process (ahp) personal protective equipment (ppe) wholesaler (ws) integer linear programming (ilp)) micro economy macro economy it
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