education and information technology electronic billing systems information technology amazon mobile telecommunication systems clustering market operations & exchange solutions digital economy online auctions and market mechanisms education transformation ict mobile banking electronic voting & e-government systems management financial risk management systems online instruction & digital learning aids e-government environmental management technologies big data green technologies open software and systems innovations r&d location-based systems & services high-definition tv systems & standards nomadic computing service innovations soft innovation resources utaut digital society e-service data mining performance market conditions combination risk management action research health care information systems and technologies dilemma between r&d and productivity management fashion developments information information and communication technology banking technology banking services saudi arabia customer satisfaction higher education institutions (heis) higher education microsoft teams synchronous information system yield management and revenue control information security cloud computing marketing learning financial market & trading technologies information privacy & digital security information goods & digital products injection attacks non-relational database vulnerabilities security nosql technology stack infrastructure changes social media cash conversion cycle cash flow management classification e-commerce finland information technology infrastructure library rapid application development methodology change management it service management system service-oriented systems & technologies similarity measurement learning outcome questions classification natural language processing mobile technology disaster operations earthquakes internet banking ghana contribution master cards visa debit & credit cards atm cards enterprise resource planning (erp) system critical success factors (csfs) erp implementation enterprise resource planning adoption e-business bank value creation structural equation modelling and jordan. social collaboration decarbonization digital transformation it operations management it service management business value assessment ai-powered service operations multi technical indicator stra face-to-face canvas moodle zoom asynchronous distributed systems chaos engineering reliability financing constraints. environmental regulation green technology innovation media coverage multi technical indicator strategy model penetration testing cyber operations in-house software development teaching strategy online learning mobile learning social network automated screening. online recruitment human resource system decision-support system satellite operations remotely piloted aircraft human-in-the-loop complacency iot data imbalance government application portfolio challenges sapol south australia police application portfolio management public sector it online shopping multi-agent stock market information systems business télécommunications and organizational readiness governess and policies competitive pressure privacy and security digital research digital learning environment secondary education e-tutoring sme non-stop passing etc devices vehicles' co2 reduction traffic light control structural equation modelling hrm practices banking sector iot challenges readiness iot applications placement corporate social responsibility cobit soa adoption soa roadmap service lifecycle soa governance cloud kingdom of bahrain demand supply electronic government open government data pandemic web internet consumer behavior consumers search online wellness personal health health information health web document. tf-idf information extraction named entity mobile device social networks recommender system microbusiness adoption models technology acceptance model olap minpop principle queue shortest path single source spfa ontology. information and knowledge management research for development southern thailand development research recommendation system information technology for economic & social devel technological innovation-led performance technology ecosystem forecasting tools hierarchy digital communication economics icts web 2.0 technologies personalization web intelligence web usage mining consumer to consumer network blockchain co-evolutionary coupling technology ecosystem forecasting iools technology and content neo open innovation risk modeling ensemble regularization resampling imbalance statistical methods for information technology ado employee performance appraisals knowledge management human resources management vod streaming service. unequal error protection (uep) scheduling window retransmission flexible forward error correction (fec) m-commerce mobile apps business models. smart phones wireless technologies mobile payments bipolarization two-faced nature of ict limitation of gdp productivity decline business analytics china credit card finance consumer finance educational performance dea investment strategy ahp online platforms online education auto socialization e-living mooc’s e-learning. construction tasks article review. construction industry technology and recommendation network forensics set of guidelines issues and attacks network forensic mechanisms network security tam s-shaped curves high-tech innovation diffusion of innovations hype cycle roles of e-service nigeria. economic development erp implementation. critical success factors case based reasoning interoperability multi-agent systems particles swarm optimization algorithm wireless sensor networks energy efficient protocols extended chaotic particle swarm optimization challenges virtualization customer perception online banking credit scoring hybrid approaches for credit scoring feature selection genetic algorithm decision tree strategy regional ict-management cognitive paradigm post-recession recession staffing innovation service purchase intention is success model organizational performance quality of m-shopping system image steganography cryptography southern university at baton r • green technologies financial market electronics fusion of diverse knowledge climate pledge automation ddos attack splunk wazuh wireshark snort intrusion detection system ; sports prosthetic forward citation innovation; patent merger and acquisition management fashion developme mobile telecommunication sys e-government systems managing information technolog bioinformatics big data mining connectivity and networking internet of things data storage resource provisioning file systems parallel processing big data and iot institutional web technologies theory of reasoned action digital knowledge-sharing beha higher education institution entrepreneurship it governance support vector machine (svm) kaggle yolo algorithm convolutional neural network ( a&m college southern university lms leml hybrid hyflex project management web2.0 mobility enterprise stock market forecastin kendall’s tau arima concordance genetic adaptive learning learner portfolio scaffolding asynchronous e-learning poisson distribution arrival patterns mobile nodes distribution mobility model manets indicator framework effort estimation software projects nist nist. software development practices and software usabil learning initiatives. software usability software development practices learning initiatives information technology. sociotechnical system ecosystem management governance location based service mobile services criteria e-commerce marketing mobile marketing system immigration search engine technique classification method knowledge discovery shift work. shift work data analytics & classification technology in policing data analytics & classification. technology in policing. market operations yield management information technology (ijmit) it capability. it flexibility it-business strategic alignment performance expectancy social norms attitude towards use perceived usefulness isms pdca iso 27001 user acceptance internet. nigerian university developed countries e-learning k-means. relevance feedback color histogram content-based image retrieval human visual system (hvs). advanced video coding (avc) temporal mode(tm) spatial model(sm) foveation model (fm) technology. sens secondary education sector key stage 4 mathematics teaching methods assessment for learning virtual learning environment (vle) decision support systems public opinion public policy e- governance text mining techniques mobile authentication. fraud detection hmm e-books. video lectures high speed internet on smart phone indian education system strategic information systems planning. firm-wide is capability effect effort feasibility federated erp erp online payment & buying online. online banking e-commerce application technology acceptances model (tam) distributed system distributed system. negp. mission mode projects technology acceptance model (tam) e-procurement system intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and demotivator sharing knowledge knowledge java process tracking system expert system intelligent system smes. open source crm hierarchical divide and conquer k-means content based image retrieval culture dimensions. consumer behaviour consumer resistance job satisfaction. communication effectiveness stress management emotional intelligence business transformation objective innovations online auctions and market mechanisms high-definition tv systems & standard intellectual property. legal risk management emarketing ebusiness immigration. social enterprise mobile solutions enterprise mobility business- customer relationship brand customer behaviour digital marketing facebook social commerce servqual electronic service quality network infrastructure cyber security extended tam and challenges. adoption factors services definitions mf-msk. pre-distortion am/am and am/pm saleh model nonlinear distortions hpa education and training innovative technologies th industrial revolution stakeholder capitalism apparel fashion-driven textiles fashion image stitching location based services cyclic graphs cartesian product eulernian graph odd harmonious labeling supply chain vendor-managed inventory diabetic approach. oltp clinical decision support system medicine k-means algorithm supply chain vertical information systems infrastructure changes vendor-managed inventory service-oriented systems & technologies statistica centralized algorithms. microbusine industrial companies self-learning & mobile agents autonomic framework intrusion detection it security governance national culture- technology acceptance- explorato - technology acceptance national culture • health care information systems and technologies • online auctions and market mechanisms • financial market & trading technologies trajectory data warehouse conceptual modeling trajectory data conceptual modeling trajectory data moving object mbmp qos bandwidth admission control ad hoc network web community. user distance information networks data sharing upm circular economy r&d model digitalized bioeconomy amazon and finland uncaptured gdp mobile telecommunication systems nomadic computing security strategy cyber threat vulnerability security policy cyberdefence cybersecurity disruptive business model neo-open innovation industrial companies. learning and knowledge sharing trust management organizational trust finland and singapore competitiveness pact multifactor productivity productivity paradox virtual desktop infrastructure riyadh crowd sourcing complaint system wiki system engagement model smart city tanzania government employee attitude perceived personal image hedonic motivation web 2.0 and social media mude model. gestures facial expressions emotions user experience usability dea-topsis epa hazardous waste mcda usa pls. delone and mclean is success model egep measurement framework g2b d&m impact centralized algorithms internet voting kuwait election e-voting requirements k-means algorithm. deployment-models cloud-computing knowledge sharing web 2.0 students extended tam 1. introduction spfa; single source; shortest path; queue; minpop fresh agricultural product; overconfidence; option diffusion of innovation (doi) e-democracy &e-governance electronic voting technology social technologies game dynamics game mechanics game elements gamification platforms social gaming elements gamification enterprise gamification gaming techniques image stitching. morphological analysis information retrieval and computational linguistics. arabic stemmers
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