computer science information technology software engineering machine learning computer science and engineering software cloud computing genetic algorithm framework artificial intelligene data mining web and internet computing algorithms and bioinformatics bioinformatics cluster head wireless sensor networks security. issues challenges wsn sensor networks wireless northwest nigeria 4g networks 3g networks telecommunication repositories open source preservation digital data internet of things (iot) correlation security network protocols data processing face detection mixed reality 360 blurring audio image restoration signal localization indoor positioning wi-fi 5g networks sustainability equal capabilities diversity gender bias education balance gender balance gender inequality it ict science computer female in stem gender gap digit digital transformations parameters sensor node leach energy efficiency cluster head selection algori risk assessment digital trust digital manufacturing manufacturing as a service (ma cloud manufacturing(c-mfg) necropolitics biohacking cognitive warfare human brain project (hbp) logic gates back propagation artificial neural network cybernetics engineering and mental disorder malaria cancer cardiovascular diabetes convolutional neural network feed-forward backpropagation artificial neural networks artificial intelligence medical diagnosis mearning learning information modeling and simulation theoretical computer science and algebra quantum computation automata theory information technonlgy compter compute • networking and communications • multimedia systems and services soft computing bigdata • social computing • programming languages etc.) • software engineering fuzzy systems neural networks computing (ai • mobile and ubiquitous computing • database and data mining it policy and business management computer architecture and real time systems • grid and scalable computing • security and information assurance • computer architect cac survey bandwidth reservation bandwidth degradation lte call admission control  machine learning ● embedded system and software ● database and data mining multimedia pattern recognition image processing shape feature color features vision-based entomology soft computing ( algorithms routing protocols games technology wireless access network. optimization capacity cost survivability network traffic netflow pig hadoop mapreduce big data rfe logistic regression k nearest neighbour pca feature selection feature engineering prewitt laplace sobel canny sharpeners tp rate objects mr edge detection orientation collaboration communication students software system development life cyclesoftware eng partitioned variable k-map entered variable boolean function adaptive map evaluation metrics. answer extraction neutral language processing question-answering relay nodes (rns) optimized channel allocation (oca) adaptive informant factor (aif) wireless mesh network (wmn) ubiquitous computing machine to machine communications (m2m) malware synthesis malware explanatory variables repository dependent variables clusters tutorial kalman filtering cyber-physical systems safety requirements dependability requirements accident analysis technique. security requirement systematic review state of the art dspl dynamic software product lines singular points minutiae pores fingerprint recognition spammer search engines. captcha (completely automated public turing test t hackers bot programs scrapers face recognition facial expression recognition. dsp test data. fitness function embedded control system. nursing bed arm9 route optimization dynamic k-means algorithm. clustering manet robotic path planning simulated annealing. improved otsu thresholding fundus images automated detection. svm hard exudates diabetic retinopathy middleware platform development cloud. internet of things gui program tumors matlab program medical image. multimedia file carving digital forensics data recovery file carving tools data carving virtual prototyping system validation early software development class object-oriented metrics empirical validation fault proneness. scheduling rules due dates assignment total work content flow time due date tardiness social media behaviour sentiment mining behaviour prediction sentiments opinion mining sign language converter motioned image voice recognition. motion capture anti-phishing blacklist etc. heuristics whitelist browser extension kernel. formal verification operating system wpki pki certificates m - commerce. business process management business process management systems risk management risk - aware facial expression recognition; color space; edge d attacks on manet security services survey. mobile ad hoc network (manet) heuristic algorithms genomic knowledge. microarray data biclustering subsea tree hmi sql. detection system underwater controller quality function graph community detection methods complex networks social networks. semantic web service description matchmaking case based reasoning. w3c standards web service discovery virtualization scalability grid cmmi gqm. quality assurance process measures product wireless network worms &trojon. virus mobile network software metrics fault fault proneness faulty modules microwav imaging; breast cancer; hybrid imaging ; timing delay systems time series analysis jpeg discrete cosine transform. image compression opnet cloud vpn computing firewall markov model predictive vague rule web usage mining expression recognition. feature extraction classification
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