chlorella vulgaris carbon capture microalgae proposed architecture and challenges. bioinformatics network communities overlapping communities random walk page rank nibble. seed node ant colony optimization microarray segmentation gene regulatory network quality filtering mapq short read alignments ngs fold conservation reduced amino acid alphabet processing sequence alignment fabrication vertical column bioreactor co2 capture images processing minutiae fingerprint biometrics matlab phr ehr ict introduction psychophysical - head acceleration- postural contr bio-grid bioinformatics databases laplacian. edge detection guassian sobel prewitt robert sagital view. mri neurodegenerative hippocampus alzheimer’s disease pathway cluster & kegg protein microarray multi-filter system skeletal muscle micro array gene expression filter techniques impulse noise local neighborhood nonlinear filter peak-signal-to-noise ratio (psnr) adaptive window noise exclusive median (nem) median based filter vitellogenin. meme oops sequence analysis survivability prediction; microarray gene expressi lung cancer mining data gini jaccard classifier rheumatic fever hp model population based aco protein structure prediction myopathy neuropathy and cascade correlation neural network. rehabilitation electromyography robustness reliability scalability morphology active contour curve evolution brassica napus epitope bnm1 in silico allergen pollinosis residues β -galactosidase cluster analysis conserved motif prostate cancer microarray analysis differentially expressed genes semi-supervised learning graph laplacian function protein yeast functional relationship comparative studies hsps plant homologue
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