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#CloudHaiku: The Poetry of the Cloud

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Poetry can be found nearly everywhere you look in the tech world. It can certainly be found in the cloud and today’s thriving open technology communities. Never have there been such an abundance and sophistication among open source projects. These communities are producing some of today’s most important and sophisticated technology that will serve as the backbone for an exciting future in cloud, cognitive and data/analytics. It is in this spirit that we decided to pose the #CloudHaiku challenge to some of today’s most brilliant minds in cloud and open tech. Enjoy the result!

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#CloudHaiku: The Poetry of the Cloud

  1. 1. Poetry of the Cloud
  2. 2. t first glance, the cloud doesn’t lend itself to poetry. If Shakespeare were alive today, the object of his sonnets probably wouldn’t be virtual machines, bare metal, public/private/hybrid or even the workloads they support. But once you scratch the surface, poetry can be found just about anywhere—even a data center. Open technology is certainly one area that can inspire prose. Think about it: Where else in business do you see competitors working side-by-side for the greater good? There’s a certain beauty in the fact that these projects are only as strong as the communities that support them. It’s in this spirit that we decided to pose the #CloudHaiku challenge to some of today’s most brilliant minds in cloud and open tech. Industry leaders like Lorinda Brandon (CapitalOne), Kris Borchers (JS Foundation), Al Gillen (IDC), Leslie Carr (Clover Health), Rich Miller (Telematica) and so many more were kind enough to lend their voice to this experiment. We’ve compiled just a sample of our favorites in this eBook. But #CloudHaiku doesn’t stop here. Post yours to Twitter using the #CloudHaiku hashtag and challenge a friend, colleague or fellow open source community member to do the same. Learn more about the work IBM is doing to support an open cloud ecosystem at bit.ly/OpenByDesign. A
  3. 3. I know my apps scale Because they live in the cloud Bring on my success Lorinda Brandon @lindybrandon Director, Developer Marketing Capital One DevExchange
  4. 4. Span the dev chasm IoT and cloud converge JavaScript is key Kris Borchers @kborchers Executive Director JS Foundation
  5. 5. Doubters reversed course Open code is today's hot source And tomorrow's force Al Gillen @algillen Program VP, System Software IDC
  6. 6. The sun is shining Yet new clouds are closing in Time to open source Todd Moore @tmmoore_1 Vice President, Open Technology IBM
  7. 7. Cloud makes your systems Someone else's problem and Who doesn't love that? Leslie Carr @lesliegeek Senior DevOps Engineer Clover Health
  8. 8. Rich Miller @rhm2k CEO Telematica, Inc. What is "the dream"? Radical transparency… and abundant code
  9. 9. Cloud, oh cloud, they say What in the world is a cloud? The future lives there Swarna Podila @skpodila Product Marketing Avi Networks
  10. 10. Rob Hirschfeld @zehicle Founder & CEO RackN Open tech is what A community builds by Sharing together
  11. 11. Sriram Subramanian @sriramhere Founder & CEO CloudDon Public or private? Best cloud depends on workload That is the answer
  12. 12. You can be a poet, too! Think up your best 5-7-5 cloud combination Share it on Twitter with #CloudHaiku