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Flamingo Commerce Intro

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And Intro to Flamingo Commerce

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Flamingo Commerce Intro

  1. 1. Ecosystem Overview Carotene Flamingo is an open source framework written in Go. Use Flamingo Core to build sophisticated web applications with tailored frontends. Flamingo Commerce: 
 Your head for headless 
 e-commerce Npm modules that provide frontend build pipeline – featuring pug, sass, webpack and atomic design pattern
  2. 2. What problems does Flamingo Commerce solve • Modern Architecture: Break monolithic e-commerce architeture to allow scaling and maintainability. • Modern Architecture: Use it to build commerce for headless commerce solutions • Real time commerce: Build personalized experiences - without the need to cache rendered pages
  3. 3. What are the main 
 design goals of Flamingo Commerce • Performance • Clean architecture • Suiteable for Microservice architectures • Decoupled and flexible frontend development • Testability • Great Developer Experience • Open Source
  4. 4. • Webserver included • Compiled / Type Safe • Concurrency • Easy to learn - build to scale • Supported by Google • Increasing Interest and Success
 Flamingo Commerce 
 and Flamingo use Go
  5. 5. Frontend Backend for Frontend Other Services Other Services • Anti corruption layer for the (tightly) coupled frontend • Serverside logic • Data security and IT security • Experience / view layer • Can be MPA, SPA, PWA connect / resilience Flamingo Commerce 
 web application architecture
  6. 6. Frontend Backend for Frontend Core and Framework Modules Commerce Domains Product Cart … ComponentsTemplates Pages+ = Carotene Flamingo Commerce 
 web application architecture
  7. 7. Multi Page Application Single Page Application Progressive Web App • Serverside rendered • Still king for fast rendering times. • Still king for best SEO. • Usage of progressive enhancement • High user interaction • Usage of SPA frameworks (React/Vue) Enhance with offline features through service workers Use flamingo carotene Flamingo Commerce 
 possible frontend architectures Use flamingo graphql or rest api to access data in your SPA.
 For SPA you might use React + Next.js
  8. 8. Clean architecture Domain Driven Design Ports and Adapters
  9. 9. Flamingo commerce 
 Bounded Contexts with its domain models Cart • Mutli delivery • Multi payment Product • Product Types • Simple • Configurable Search • SearchService • Documents …
  10. 10. CartProduct Search … • Easy to use and decoupled • Potent models • Technology neutral domain model Flamingo commerce 
 Bounded Contexts with its domain models
  11. 11. Flamingo – Ports and Adapters Technology Free Domain Model Application Use Cases Adapters to the outside / Web Controllers Technical details 
 (e.g. accessing a microservice)
  12. 12. Domain of “Product” Context Interface Layer Flamingo – Ports and Adapters <<interface>> ProductService
 .Get (id) Used as primary port: • The product service is called from the interface layer for example 
 (in a ProductViewController) ProductController
 .ViewAction Product
  13. 13. Domain of “Product” Context Flamingo – Ports and Adapters <<interface>> ProductService
 .Get (id) Product Infrastructure Layer ProductServiceAdapter Get (id) {…} Used as secondary port: • The product service is 
 implemented by a secondary adapter
  14. 14. Magento 2 - Rest API Flamingo commerce + Magento Magento Adapter Module CartProduct Search …
  15. 15. Flamingo commerce + Headless ecommerce Commercetools Adapter Module CartProduct Search …
  16. 16. Flamingo commerce individual project Custom Adapter Product Search Cart Custom Checkout PIM Elastic Search OMS Stockservice
  17. 17. Flamingo commerce Demoshop Standalone Adapters 
 (CSV, In Memory Cart) CartProduct Search …