compliance compliance program compliance officer risk management compliance risks hernan huwyler riesgos de compliance covid19 gdpr cybersecurity españa coronavirus riesgos de cumplimiento compliance risk riskmanagement iso 31000 internal audit riesgos penales iso 37301 privacy legal compliance ciso infosec security robotics iso 31022 internal auditor internal controls oficial de cumplimiento riesgos de incumplimiento argentina gestion de riesgos risk assessment: risk tolerance risk risk quantifcation covid cyber security controls machine learning rpa audit program monte carlo simulation data protection requirements colombia mexico chile control interno data protection governance artificial intelligence iso37301 money laundering aml risk assessment information security third-parties complianceofficer controls legal audit copenhagen denmark programa de cumplimiento enterprise risk management requerimientos compliance programs compliance risk map identificación de riesgos penales spain programa anticorrupción antisoborno sox universidad complutense de madrid corporate compliance officer iso 19600 cumplimiento normativo coso 2013 compliance risk modeling quantitative risk management r coding r language iso37002 privacy risks data governance iso 37302 certifications recommendations datasecurity compliance risk assessment mistakes cyber risks compliance officers contractual risks contract covid19dk suppliers vendors operational risks risks data security iso 27701 riesgos legales cumplimiento compliance risk assessment legal risks iso 31010 third party risks personal data privacy tips control testing sustainability sustenibilidad non financial reporting non financial information ghg reporting environment carbon audit regulatory risk assessment regulatory cco finance transformation sustainability metrics and indices decision trees compliance indicators programa de compliance corrupcion empresas casos coso coso erm risk map whistleblowing art 31 bis identificación de riesgos de compliance master de compliance officer caso de estudio criminal risks study case código penal español anti-bribery and corruption training iso 37001 due diligence programas de compliance foreign corrupt practices act exigencias cnmv. entity level controls indicadores y alarmas ley sarbanes-oxley. cnmv anti-corruption policies mapping compliance risks mapa de riesgos de compliance criminal liability of legal persons gestión del cumplimiento normativo compliance management systems fraud compliance management iso19600 global compliance program training empresas de energia responsabilidad penal corporativa binding corporate rules mapa de riesgos riesgo gobierno corporativo sap modeling software development software vulnerabilities ai software ai algorrithms ai risks costo de compliance presupuesto de compliance cost of compliance cost of controls compliance efficiency compliance budget complinace costs business case monte carlo simulations consequences log-normal distribution loss exceedance curves distributions of events compliance risk heat map hse health safety environment osha security plans control investment insurance decision making physical risks risk matrix risk matrices risk heat maps quantify risks audit plan audit needs stakeholder needs regulatory horizon planning budget compliance plan fraud risks risk quantification regulatory risks ethical risks coso compliance behavioral science risk magement business risk export controls sanctios ukraine russia sustainability risks sostenibilidad sustainable development anti money laundering directive aml program financial crime crypto iso 4amld 6amld eu aml directive directive amld 5amld cyber money laundering cyber laundering anti money laundering ucm eciargentina2021 eciargentina2022 eci2021 eci2022 machinelearning iso37302; iso 37302 iso 3700 ciompliance program itcontrol cyberrisk itgovernance informationsecurity stronger2021 stronger2022 certification banking strategy transformation innovation digitaltransformation corpgov leadership corporategovernance quality data datamanagement idwps340 ps340 ifcacongress2023 ifcacongress2022 ifca ifcacongress2021 ascom fintech bannking payments riesgos regulaotrios reverenue risk and compliance compliance as a service eu whistleblowing directive compliance management system report iso 37001 pdf doc iso37301 pdf iso 37002 pdf draft risk assessments cyber compliance it compliance it risk assessement it risks dpo reduce risks data ownership ownership it governance policy it governance digital transformation norway cio requirements cloud identitify management modelado de procesos de negocios inteligência artificial flujos automatizados procesos de negocio nuevas tecnologias sod segregation of duties analytics access certifications sap grc risk-based controls distributed ledgers digital compliance assurance el salvador nicaragua costa rica honduras central amaerica compliance services financial services iknspain compliance amlforum2021 audit comittee analitycs federated based technology europeancompliance & ethics institute compliance & ethics institute cumplen complianceoffice accountability principle test your privacy leadership team gdpr enforcement worldwide data breaches reporting board of directors ceo boards anti-money landering iram 2 isf fair it risk cyber cyner risks distribution data analysis. horizon scanning sensitivity analysis pert business impact analysis scenario analysis and lessons learned risk and return spectrum riskassessment :compliance top risk risk survey mistake wrong flaws errors misleading useless kris green yellow red scoring and rating inherent risks risk registers self-assessments risk reports heat maps nueva normalidad desescalando risk assessment mistakes data breach iso 27102 iso 29134 iso 29100 iso 27002 is0 31000 cuantifiaciòn de riesgos legales y de cumplimiento evalacion de riesgos legal risk sociación argentina de etica y compliance árbol de decisión simulación de monte carlo vendor compliancem vendor audit vendor management third party audits internal audit #internalauditor #thirdpartyrisk # information pandemiic contract risks crisis legal coronavirus compliancerisk operationalrisk contractualrisks complianceofficers compliance. contractors employees safety business continuity management business continuity plans auditoria de seguridad de datos certificaciones certificacion revisión de controles practica programa datos personales seguridad de informacion protección de datos encargado de privacidad nueva ley orgánica de protección de datos y garant rgpd regulaciòn general de protecciòn de datos privacidad de datos privacidad data processing agreements informartion security iso 27001 rollout risk management project risk management program implementation compliance project agile project management agile principios de gestión de riesgos legales proceso de identificación de riesgos legales evaluación de riesgos legales contratos inteligences smart contracts blockchain text analytics ediscovery business intelligence it tecnologías technologies compliance controls risk assessement evaluacion de riesgos de compliance legal program ethical risk fraud risk risk manager iso 31004 breach management breach crisis protocol data privacy incident management databreach cyberrisks testing instituto de auditores internos de españa instituto de auditores internos de argentina desayuno de trabajo auditoria interna reporte de carbono reporte no financiero informacion no financiera auditor interno institute of internal auditors indicadores de cumplimiento claves measuring effectiveness compliance. committee effective compliance program ahorro de costes cost saving control efficiency coso 2018: improving business processes streamlining tasks process streamline best practices for accounting best practices finance department cfo integrated reporting carbon accounting corporate social responsibility service auditor report isae 3000 audit isae 3000 engagement isae 3402 non-financial information international standard on assurance engagements isae 3000 isae 3000 type 2 isae 3000 type 1 expected and unexpected returns net present value risk and return estimated performance investment decisions what if scenarios what if” qualitative risk analysis huwyler juc – netværk i compliance & risk management scenario analysis decision tree monte carlo method simulación laboral protocolo de disciplina prevencion accidentes política de investigaciones mobbing limitación del derecho a sindicalización y huelga labor compliance inspección del trabajo y de la seguridad social empleo y labor compliance delitos de implicancia laboral deducciones indebidas deber de supervision cumplimiento de leyes de contratación contratación conflictos de interés acoso y mobbing acoso risk impact the risk universe risk universe measuring volalidad risk preparedness risk universe magazine risk volatility velocidad del riesgo the risk universe magazine measuring impact risk plan risk event risk veolicy sector publico government contractors anti-bribery corruption oceg grc capability model key compliance indicator whistleblowing c5 anti-corruption spain bribery internal investigations conference 2015 criminal code reform bribe requests anti-corruption disclosure bribery risks madrid c5 corporate social perú sustentabilidad venezuela reputacion reputational risks responsabilidad social corporativa programa de complimiento normativo rsc reputation risks delito contra el medio ambiente iso 14001 medio ambiental experto delito contra los recursos naturales. ambiente delitos contra el medio ambiente delitos contra los recursos naturales iso31000 seguridad expertos empresas mineras empresas petroleras permisos empresas energéticas abogados criminal compliance compliance edge world of compliance manual de compliance compliance team reputational impact reputational risk marco framework unidad de cumplimiento normativo política de control y gestión de riesgos manual de prevención de delitos en cumplimiento interal audit institute audit congress madrid chapter iso37001 bribery risk assessments. cambridge international diploma in business análisis de sentencias delitos sentencia penal control de proveedores críticos sistema normativo global risk management integración al sistema normativo código de ética control de proveedores curso monográfico control environment ciclos sox completely complian planes de acción corporate compliance vendor compliance due diligence del proveedor código ético corporate defense • difusión del sistema compliance de contratos compliance ambassadors códigos de conducta know your supplier bank wiring wire transfer ceo impersonation treasury department delegation of duties buen gobierno corporativo consejo de administración nueva ley de sociedades de capital código de buen gobierno corporativo ley de auditoría plan de compliance compliance management system (cms) best practice for compliance management ambiente regulatorio empresas globales de servicios programa de compliance global detectar y canalizar violaciones iir executive protocolos. información interna. regulaciones reporte transacciones riesgosas ambiente regulatorio global planes de negocios como emprender un negocio ejemplo de plan de negocios riesgos plan de empresa negocios proyecto oportunidades plan objetivos eventos costos emprendedor evaluacion ley nuevas obligaciones del consejo de dirección libros fraile estilos forma moda cuneiforme medir klaidungsbuchlein fugger costes escritura contabilidad objetos muchos negocios partida doble contable primer decisiones economia actual catalogo responsabilidad penal de las empresas en mexico como implementarlo responsabilidad penal corporativa y la tecnologí programa de prevención de delitos prevención de la responsabilidad penal corporativ la responsabilidad penal de las empresas evolució plan de prevención de fraudes para la ley de resp responsabilidad penal corporativa en españa; ley sarbanes oxley cobit 5 fcpa ;sox executive director and owner the institute of internal auditors risk appetite programa de prevención del fraude el futuro del fraude programas de fraudes mapa de riesgos de fraudes identificar de riesgos de fraudes medición del impacto de fraude seguimiento risk valuation riesgo legal medidas mitigadoras tolerancia al riesgo “assertions” en compliance grc gestión de riesgos riesgo de cumplimiento regulatory compliance financial fraud detection methodologies fraud detection data analysis data cleansing analytic techniques statistics fraud prevention quality data
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