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WinMax Version 9 | Hurco IMTS 2012

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Hurco's WinMax v9 control brings several new enhancements that help you be more productive.

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WinMax Version 9 | Hurco IMTS 2012

  1. 1. WinMax v9 FeaturesSeptember 10, 2012 Paul J. Gray Manager • Path Planning • Front-End Design • R&D
  2. 2. Production & ProductivityNew Features
  3. 3. Multi-Level Lockout Custom lockout levels User-Password 1. Program 2. Tool Setup 3. Part Setup
  4. 4. Tool Life Monitoring Set max cutting time
  5. 5. Tool Life MonitoringChoose: Program start messageor Abort on tool change
  6. 6. Tool Probe Defaults Set default parameters for all tools Minimizes job setup time
  7. 7. Probed Tool Length OptionsStore tool length to: Conversational NC Both Conversational Useful for NC Conversational-NC merge feature
  8. 8. User-InterfaceEnhancements
  9. 9. NC Editor Fonts
  10. 10. Quick Language Toggle Switch between languages without rebooting Select Language #1 and #2
  11. 11. Quick Language Toggle Switch between languages without rebooting Press +
  12. 12. Custom DRO Select what you want to see
  13. 13. Custom DROAuto Screen Manual Screen
  14. 14. New Graphics SystemElectrode Demo v8 v9 Software Software (min:sec) (min:sec) Mill-Turn 5:29 3:50 1.4 Times Faster 5:28 1:41 3.25 Times Faster
  15. 15. Web-based SolutionsStaying Connected
  16. 16. UltiMonitor Extended Shop Floor (ESF)  Internet connection to Machine  Access through a web browser
  17. 17. UltiMonitor ESF  Optional webcam  Events with E-mail alerts Power ON  Remote service Calibration diagnostics E-Stop Program Complete Run-time errors Etc.
  18. 18. UltiMonitor ESF  File up and downloading
  19. 19. UltiMonitor & ESF View Left and Right Control screens
  20. 20. Hurco Updater One-Touch software updates Background downloading from internet Notification of new software versions
  21. 21. Part ProgrammingNew Features
  22. 22. Lettering Along Contours
  23. 23. Lettering Along Contours
  24. 24. Lettering Along Contours1. Enter text2. Set parameters
  25. 25. Lettering Along Contours3. Edit the contour
  26. 26. Lettering Along ContoursAvailable for both True Type Font Stick Lettering
  27. 27. Stick Lettering Good for Serial Number Engraving
  28. 28. Mill Frame Programmable Corners
  29. 29. Roughing Stock AllowanceNo Roughing Stock Allowance
  30. 30. Roughing Stock AllowanceNo Roughing Stock Allowance
  31. 31. Roughing Stock Allowance Does not require Finishing Pass5mm Roughing Stock Allowance
  32. 32. 5-Axis MachiningNow even easier!
  33. 33. How to move from one oriented feature to another? Safe retract and plunge along tool vectors Machine axes limits Difficult to post process: Part location and tool lengths unknown before posting
  34. 34. Automatic Safe Repositioning (ASR) Patented feature is unique to Hurco Control automatically  Retracts along tool vector  Reorients to new rotary angles  Moves above target point  Plunges along tool vector Crawls along machine axes limits No more out of limits errors
  35. 35.  ASR Transition between two Transform Planes Transition moves generated automatically by control
  36. 36.  ASR Transition between two Transform Planes Transition moves generated automatically by control Video
  37. 37. How to Program ASR G08.1 starts ASR Buffering G08.2 end ASR buffering Last position & orientation before G08.2 is the Target Pointv8.1.6…G08.1 (ASR Buffering Start)G68.2 I0.J1.K0. U0.V0.W1.G00 X0Y0Z10 I0.J0.K1.M141G08.2 (ASR Buffering End)
  38. 38. How to Program ASR Single G-code version G08.2 specifies the Target Point Even easier to program and post process Works with NC Mergev8.1.6 Reposition with a single G-code…G08.1 (ASR Buffering Start) v9G68.2 I0.J1.K0. U0.V0.W1. …G00 X0Y0Z10 I0.J0.K1. G68.2 I0.J1.K0. U0.V0.W1M141 G08.2 X0Y0Z10 I0.J0.K1.G08.2 (ASR Buffering End)
  39. 39. Intelligent ASR (I-ASR) New for v9 Automatically activates ASR No G-code required Don’t need to change your 5-axis post
  40. 40. I-ASR & NC Merge3+2-Axis using: 3-Axis NC Program Conversational NC MergeTwo modifications to NC program:1. Added G0I0J0K1 after each tool change2. Added M99 at end
  41. 41. I-ASR & NC Merge
  42. 42. Simple 5-Axis Post Processing V8 G-Codes restricted  v9 all G-Codes are allowed with  Transform Plane  M128 Workpiece Coordinate System
  43. 43. Tool Vector Canned Cycles (TVCC)  How to program numerous oriented holes?
  44. 44. Tool Vector Canned Cycles (TVCC)  How to program X Z numerous oriented holes? Y Without TVCC, for each hole: Origin 1. Select Transform Plane Origin 2. Select X-direction 3. Select Y-direction 4. Establish 3D coordinate system 5. Select hole (location & depth)
  45. 45. Tool Vector Canned Cycles (TVCC)  How to program numerous oriented holes? Location Easy to program with TVCC: 1. Select the hole Automatically gives: • Location • Depth • Orientation (axis)
  46. 46. Tool Vector Canned Cycles (TVCC)  Supported by most CAM systems  Simplifies programming and Post Processors  Works with Tapping and Boring cycles too
  47. 47. Desktop CompletePrecisely model your machines
  48. 48. Desktop Complete  Load your actual machine configuration  Compute estimated runtime  Recovery Restart  Single & Dual Screens: Same screens as on machine control