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Media planning and Buying

  1. PGDAM - 2016 Himmat patel - 29 Topic – Media planning and buying
  2. What is Media Planning ? ■ Definition: the process of deciding how to most effectively get your marketing communications seen by your target audience. ■ Definition: The design of a strategy that shows how investments in advertising time and space will contribute to achievement of marketing objectives.
  3. ■ Media planning that requires knowledge of both marketing and mass communication skills is the process of determining deals with the biggest portion of the advertiser’s budget in terms of cost for buying placement of advertisement. ■ Media planners have two main roles of analysing the market and evaluating media channel effectiveness in order to place the advertising message before a target audience.
  4. Media planners perform four basic functions: 1. Conduct media research 2. Determine media objectives and strategies 3. Determine the media mix 4. Do the actual media buy
  5. Media objectives ■ Media objectives are in harmony with the advertising and the marketing plans.Thus while launching a new product or repositioning an existing product, there are specific objectives which will guide our media decisions.
  6. The Media Planning Steps? There are broadly 4 elements • 1.Target Audience • 2. Communication Goals • 3. Media Strategies • 4. Designing MediaTactics (media selection)
  7. Media buying Role of Media Buyer 1. Provide inside information to the media planner 2. Selecting the media vehicle 3. Negotiating the price 4. Monitoring the Media vehicle 5. Post campaign evaluation
  8. ■ Indian readership survey / audit bureau of circulation ■ TAM / RAM ■ SEC and New Consumer Classification System (NCCS)
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