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Social Media Through the Enrollment Journey

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From the awareness stage right up to enrollment, this exclusive webinar walks through each point of the admissions process and shows schools how to craft a social media strategy that effectively generates inquiries and applications.

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Social Media Through the Enrollment Journey

  1. 1. Social Media Through the Enrollment Journey
  2. 2. • Social media strategy basics • Defining your personas • Creating social media content for your prospective student audience • Connecting with your prospects on social media • Reaching new prospects with paid advertising • Measuring the success of your social media campaigns Today’s Presentation
  3. 3. Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Schools
  4. 4. Social media… • amplifies your school’s brand • provides an engaging community for your followers • helps promote your content • supports SEO • helps people make decisions Social Media as a Decision Engine in Education www.chegg.com
  5. 5. Core Elements of a Social Media Strategy
  6. 6. Poll #1: Social Media Strategy
  7. 7. Start by Defining Your Student Personas Segment prospects by: ● Program ● Level ● Location ● ______________ … and research their distinct characteristics
  8. 8. Consolidate Data into Profiles PROSPECTIVE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT
  9. 9. Tap Into Common Interests, Goals, and Desires Your persona’s motivations should drive the messaging of your social media efforts
  10. 10. Address Common Pain Points Focus on overcoming key barriers in the admissions process
  11. 11. Develop Key Messages
  12. 12. Use Personas to Focus Your Social Initiatives
  13. 13. Creating Social Media Content for Each Stage of the Admissions Journey
  14. 14. Poll #2: Content Creation
  15. 15. The Awareness Stage • Share website content to drive prospects to your site • Showcase student life on your campus • Use popular hashtags to increase your visibility • Create Stories for optimum engagement
  16. 16. Share Website Content on Social Media Publish content on your website Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn
  17. 17. Showcase Student Life Capture events & activities Highlight student clubs, groups, & sports teams
  18. 18. Use Popular & Relevant Hashtags Business Schools Language Schools Career Colleges ● #mba ● #busedu ● #finance ● #careerteched ● #skilledtrades ● #CTE ● #StudyAbroad ● #LearnEnglish ● #ELS Use branded hashtags
  19. 19. Stories On Facebook and Instagram Stories combine text, visuals and effects into a scrolling slideshow
  20. 20. Creating Social Media Content for The Consideration Stage • Focus on preparing students for their studies • Offer online campus tours for international students • Stream live tours/Q&As for prospects • Use Direct Messaging to respond to inquiries
  21. 21. Video Campus Tours on Social Media
  22. 22. Stream Live Q&As from Your School Respond to prospect’s questions in real time
  23. 23. Direct Messaging (DM) for International Prospects Include DM info on your website Top DM Apps 1. WhatsApp 2. FB Messenger 3. Viber 4. WeChat
  24. 24. Connect with Facebook Users on Messenger
  25. 25. Creating Social Media Content for The Decision Stage • Offer ‘social proof’ to gain an edge on your competitors • Encourage your current students to leave reviews • Focus on more direct content that drives students towards applying/booking
  26. 26. Use Student Success Stories as Social Proof
  27. 27. Encourage Grads to Leave Reviews on Facebook & Google Respond to both positive and negative reviews
  28. 28. Drive Students Towards Booking on Social Remind prospects about upcoming events, start dates, and deadlines
  29. 29. Creating Social Media Content for Enrolled Students • Provide helpful local info for your current students • Feature them in your posts • Encourage them to share photos through contests
  30. 30. Post Helpful Local Info for Your Current Students
  31. 31. Put Your Current Students Front and Centre Share quotes & testimonials from current students
  32. 32. Build Your Brand with Simple Social Contests
  33. 33. Planning Your Social Media Advertising • Social Ads: Engagement or Conversions • Who do I target? • What social network should I use? • What ad placements should I choose? • Where do I send my ad traffic (when they click)?
  34. 34. Poll #3: Social Media Advertising
  35. 35. Measure the Social Activity Directed to Your Website
  36. 36. Choose Your Ad Placement Newsfeed Desktop MessengerNewsfeed Mobile
  37. 37. 37 Monitor the Performance of Your Ads by Placement
  38. 38. Facebook Ads Can Drive Inquiries
  39. 39. Review Your Facebook Reach by Location
  40. 40. Use Detailed Targeting to Reach Your Prospects
  41. 41. Poll #4: Account Optimization
  42. 42. Social Engagement vs Conversions
  43. 43. Integrate your Social Ads to your CRM
  44. 44. 44 Recap • Align your social media strategy with your target personas • Think carefully about your channels and post schedule • Create social content for every stage of the admissions journey • Supplement your organic efforts with paid social advertising • Measure your results for continuous improvement
  45. 45. HEM helps schools develop an effective social media strategy. Our social media services include: ● Social Media Strategy ● Writing Blogs & Social Media ● Ad Campaign & Landing Pages ● SEO ● CRM & Data Measurement Our Work We can help your school, too!
  46. 46. Katharina Benecke Get Your Free Consultation! Archie Pollock European Client Representative UK Client Representative archie@higher-education-marketing.com katharina@higher-education-marketing.com Tel: +44 7957974939 Tel: +34 681 129 792
  47. 47. Scott Cross North America Client Representative scross@higher-education-marketing.com 514-312-9048 Get Your Free Consultation!