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Ranchi net Sales Pitch

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Why you should own, domain name (aka web address), Ranchi.net!

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Ranchi net Sales Pitch

  1. 1. RANCHI.NET Why you should own web address (aka domain name) RANCHI.NET ?
  2. 2. Are you… • A real-estate developer, malls owner, Shopping complex, Jewellery store, Hotels and other business house in Ranchi. • looking for unfair advantage over your competitor?
  3. 3. what is ranchi.net? • Ranchi.net is a domain name also known as internet address. • First part before . (dot) is keyword and second part after . (dot) is Top Level Domain. • In this case keyword is “RANCHI” and TOP LEVEL DOMAIN is “net”.
  4. 4. Unfair Advantage • There can be hundreds of real-estate developers, malls, Shopping complex, Jewellery store, hotels and other business house in Ranchi. • But ONLY one of them can have ranchi.net as their internet address (domain name).
  5. 5. Unfair Advantage… • When you use web address ranchi.net in you advertisement, people remember it instantly. • It has high recall value. • There are people who type-in ranchi.net expecting to see a website related to Ranchi. In Domain name business this is known as direct navigation. This is Bonus traffic which your website will receive if you choose ranchi.net as internet address (domain name). • When your clients see http:// ranchi.net as internet address on your visiting card, they have respect for your firm .You gain unfair advantage over your competitor. • it enhances your Brand Value.
  6. 6. Why Top Level Domain .net • Second part of this internet address (domain name) is NET. • NET is one of the original top-level domains (the other six being com, org, edu, gov,mil, and arpa) • NET It is still popular with network operators and the advertising sector, and it is often treated as an alternative to com. • At present, .net is the world's third most- registered top-level domain , with Germany's ccTLD, .de in second place. • NET TLD has 14.8 million registrations around the globe.Source: ICANNWiki
  7. 7. Analogy to premium locality and Plot Number • As Ashok Nagar is posh locality in Ranchi, all offices (business) wants to have address as Ashok Nagar. Similarly .com TLD is most posh internet locality. But, Ranchi.com is NOT available for acquisition. • Second most posh locality on internet is .net TLD. • If you compare plot number in Ashok Nagar with domain terminology, “Ranchi” is plot number in locality .NET. • So, what are you getting is a plot number is second most posh locality on internet.
  8. 8. Examples • Some examples where Big Corporation have used Generic domain names on internet. • Bank of America owns loans.com ,Nestle owns meals.com, CNN owns money.com, Barnes and Noble owns books.com, Dell owns CloudComputing.com, Times of India owns Gaana.com • RANCHI.com is not available for acquisition. • Therefore you have best chance to acquire ranchi.net, If you have business in Ranchi.
  9. 9. CONTACT • Here is your only chance to have ranchi.net. • Acquire it before your competitor acquires it. • Mobile :+91-8987609669 • 292/C, Road Number 1, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, PIN 834002