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Proposal : Letter being sent to Tax Lawyers

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Letter being sent to tax lawyers to procure income tax return transcript using FOIA.

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Proposal : Letter being sent to Tax Lawyers

  1. 1. Proposal Letter From, Anjan Bhushan 292/C, Road Number 1, Ashok Nagar Ranchi, state- Jharkhand, India Postal code – 834002 Mobile number 1 - +91-8987609669 Mobile number 2 - +91-9523099921 Email id – anjan.bhushan@gmail.com Subject: To hire tax attorney for procurement of income tax return transcript from IRS using FOIA Dear Sir/Madam Introduction: I live in Ranchi, India. From 2000 to 2006 I lived in NJ. Due to a big conspiracy by CIA, I have assets worth more than 2 trillion USD. Most likely assets are in form of cash, it’s possible that assets are in cash and patents. In either case, I have operative bank account in USA and earning interest on deposit. So, somebody is filing income tax return on my behalf. To know more about me please visit http://anjanbhushan.com . What I have done So far: Sent “change of address” letter to IRS using form 8822 and sent “Request of transcript of tax return” using form 4506t. Both documents are attached with this email as well. I have not got any reply from IRS. I was at least expecting a “regret” letter from IRS. Probable Address in income tax return: When I left USA in 2006, my address was – 7 tulip Dr, Apt – 1G, Fords, NJ-08863.My landline number was 732-225-0846. When I did reverse lookup at anywho.com website, on 17th April 2019 about the number 732-225-0846, it was still in my name but address was slightly changed. New address for my number was – 7 Tulip CT, Edison, NJ-08820. So most likely address on tax return is address with my landline number (the later one). Expectations: I need to procure income tax return transcripts for year 2014, 2015,2016,2017,2018 and 2019 using FOIA from IRS. I need your help in procuring so. Fees:
  2. 2. I will pay 100k USD, after I get control of assets which are in my name. Please advice, Warm Regards, Anjan