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Literature in digital environments
Judy O’Connell
Key Advisor
The goal of a school
library is to respond to
the learning ecology in
the school. This learning
ecology is defined as a
When it comes to
ebooks, school library
collection development
presents some unique
ebooks and ereaders are one of the top 10
game changers of the past 25 years
shaping school libraries
Electronic texts can be
found in increasing numbers
of school libraries and
classrooms where they are
not only enhancing t...
The Australian Curriculum: English aims to
ensure that students ‘listen to, read, view,
speak, write, create and reflect o...
To address this national expectation it is
imperative that ebooks are incorporated into
school reading and literature prog...
Unpacking  the  definition  of  ebooks  to  explore  
multimodal  texts  is  useful  when  considering  the  
take-­up  of...
What are ebooks?
• ebooks are electronic version of print books
• can be read or listened to on an eReader, tablet
or comp...
ebooks in learning
creative commons licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by Atos International: http://flickr.com/photos/atosorig...
The survey, 50:50 by 2020
Ebook Trends in Australian
Schools, generated 456
enhanced ebooks or apps
ebooks in a schools’ collection
Issues in collection
Being aware of the range of existing and
emerging issues is an important part of
collection development, and survey respon...
61% of schools indicated that they had
insufficient technology to support one-to-one
access for personal reading, and 58% ...
However, according to the respondents in the
50:50 by 2020 Survey there remain significant
issues related to ICT infrastru...
budgeting for ebooks
Collection development
and making choices
between providers is
another challenge for
school library staff faced
adoption and use of ebooks
Survey respondents indicated:
• a strong relationship between access to an
ereading device and ...
The promotion of
eresources is a constant
As a foundational element of schooling, learning to read
and reading to learn will remain as important in 2020 as
it has e...
Developing ecollections for 2020 school
libraries requires skills and expertise
beyond the traditional bibliographic
The issues that schools face fall into three
main categories:
i) the ebook genre and purpose;
ii) the infrastructure requi...
Complexities around the range of ebook
formats are amplified when one factors in
reading purposes, ranging from teaching
Repositories and retrieval issues are complex
and one solution rarely meets the varied needs,
formats and legal requiremen...
Subscription services may not easily integrate
with the library catalogue, and downloaded
resources require cataloguing to...
Management of enhanced ebook apps is
restrained by provider protocols and often
requires individual management on each dev...
The library needs to facilitate home access and
establish methods to promote ebooks in new
and exciting ways.
Where device...
While there is evidence that collections are
changing in response to the need to
support ereading within teaching and
The challenge for school libraries is to move
beyond the practicalities of ebook collection
management to the promotion of...
Judy O’Connell
Judy O’Connell
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Complexities around the range of ebook
formats are amplified when one factors in
reading purposes, ranging from teaching
literacy skills, supporting curriculum
programs (factual and class literature) and
personal reading.

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