adc resolving power dac digital to analog converter grating prism transducers digital slope single analog to digital converter types of transducers system acquistion big data channel resolving power of prism working of lvdt lvdt ladder r-2r inverted r-2r ladder dac data acquisition system digital dac r/2r ladder dac converter spectra comparison differenc characteristics of transducers characteristics conversion techniqus analog approximation successive dual advantages & disadvantages digital signal analog signal cro signal display structure of telephone system rotating magnetic field torque acting on a coil placed circuit of ring counter ring counter applications of diac working of diac diac types of errors sources of errors errors half subtractor anderson method self inductance class b power amplifier push pull amplifier op amp applications op amp as differentiator op amp as inverting amplifier inverting amplifier classification of power amplifiers power amplifiers principle of capacitors capacitors data format instruction format microprocessor instructions variable capacitor fixed capacitor types of capacitors condition for oscillation essentials of oscillator hartley oscillator generation of electrical oscillations with lc circ mass-energy equivalence variation of mass with velocity time dilation length contraction lorentz transformation equation michelson-morley experiment relativity capacitor impedance mutual inductance inductance variation of g with depth variation of g with altitude variation of g with latitude or rotation of earth rheostat potentiometer inductor barkhausan criterion types of feedback feedback principle g-boys' method mass and density of earth newton's law of gravitation kepler's laws resistor types resistor passive elements 8085 subtraction programs subtraction programs programs in 8085 additon of 8 bits 8085 programs programs addition application of ujt operation of ujt working of ujt ujt microprocessor 8085 pop instruction push instruction stack types of filters band stop filter band pass filter high pass filter low pass filter filters nand gate universal gate logic gate tomography applications of computer tomography
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