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Why Do Lawyers Get A Bad Rep

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Lawyers often get a bad reputation based on many things such as cost, time, double billing and that damages the great work of quality lawyers. Heres what you should be looking out for.

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Why Do Lawyers Get A Bad Rep

  2. 2. In Henry VI, Part II, Act IV, Scene II, the Bard famously wrote the line, ''[t]he first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers,'' for his character Dick the Butcher. Lawyers have always been hated throughout history, and still are - you can be sure that any practicing lawyer has heard the line: 'a lawyer is nothing but a professional liar.
  3. 3. THINGS BAD LAWYERS DO Double billing, is when a lawyer bills two clients for the same hour of work
  4. 4. PADDING HOURS Padding hours, is when a lawyer does not keep minute track of his time, and adds 'padding' to the hours of work, resulting in excess billing to the client. But there are many other creative ways of excessively billing a client.
  5. 5. OVERHEAD CHARGES Overhead charges is when a lawyer charges the client for extensive overhead expenses. One way is charging high billing rates to clients for low-level tasks. Another, is requesting reimbursements for events that may never have even happened. Still another includes exorbitant rates for a partner or the cost of training a new staff member for the client.
  6. 6. NOT ALL LAWYERS ARE BAD LAWYERS But beyond money, there are also real risks of a lawyer being inefficient, and perhaps even worse, being negligent. But here is a positive point: not ALL lawyers are bad lawyers. History is replete with lawyers who have changed the world for the better. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln are just two examples.
  7. 7.  Good lawyers who practice law ethically are available.  Do not let yourself get intimated by how much they say they will charge, nor by the legalese they speak.  If a lawyer speaks to you only in legalese, you should turn away right away.  You need someone who knows how to break it down for you without being condescending.  A good lawyer is going to be someone who knows how to help you solve your problem.  If they are a problem to you, it just means that you got stuck with the wrong one. It might be time to start looking for a good one.
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