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CoreNet Presentation on Social Media

  1. Helen Casey, Director of Legacy Portfolio Social Media - a communication revolution or the death of quality face to face relationships?
  2. What am I going to cover today? •  Examples of Social Media •  Is Social Media a new age marketing gimmick or a savvy business tool? •  How relevant is Social Media for property professionals? •  What will happen to traditional face to face relationships? •  What can you expect in terms of costs and ROI’s? How are these measured? •  My Top Tips to achieve Social Media success
  3. Examples of Social Media Twitter is ‘The drug’ of Davos, Katie Roberts, PSI 17,000 tweets posted by ¼ of attendees Barack’s ‘hangout’ – 227,000 participants Barack’s social network –
  4. Examples of Social Media LinkedIn has over 135 million members globally
  5. A new age marketing gimmick or a savvy business tool? •  Marketing Tool ­  Advertise company services, results and achievements ­  Enhance brand awareness to targeted audience ­  Improve search engine optimisation ­  Project company personality and values and determine how your company is viewed
  6. A new age marketing gimmick or a savvy business tool? •  Business Tool ­  Wider opportunities to develop relationships with new and existing clients ­  Greater intercompany collaboration ­  Gain competitive advantage ­  Slick business development applications ­  Infinite knowledge centre for all ­  All platforms are mobile Success = a Social Media strategy that reflects your businesses objectives
  7. My Social Media strategy •  Increase brand awareness Objectives •  Enhance workplace cohesion •  Build your network What characterises your target audience? •  Build a following on Twitter Strategy •  Use SharePoint to communicate on projects •  Utilise LinkedIn functions to meet your target clients •  A Twitter account Set Up •  A SharePoint account •  A LinkedIn account •  Post links with useful content Engage •  Create a hub for your team to collaborate •  Join and participate in groups •  Add your Twitter name to your email signature Leverage •  Ask others for their social media credential Which strategy will be most effective in •  Add LinkedIn to your business card helping you reach your objectives? •  Hootsuite Measure •  Likes, hits, comments •  Personal Feedback
  8. How relevant is Social Media for property professionals? •  Share ideas, knowledge and become a thought leader by “Social Media is without doubt the engaging with a wider network via LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs quickest and most direct method of getting our message across to our clients and potential clients. •  Collaborate with colleagues, wider teams and partner firms in Within 30 seconds of posting ‘real time’ via SharePoint and LinkedIn groups something the other day I had a CFO respond asking for more •  Build engagement in your team and beyond to enhance information. However content must be short, accurate and to the productivity point.” •  Gain competitive advantage, attract and retain top talent •  Manage positive and negative press Matthew Stone, Partner Cushman & Wakefield •  Better understand and keep up with your clients
  9. Case study one @JLLNews How can I market Legacy USA from London? @DukeLong @CREPoint Results •  New network of contacts •  Maintained relationships •  Marketing opportunities •  Thought leader
  10. Case study two •  Exhibit a strong profile using available tools FACTS •  Build on existing relationships Legacy has over 1000 connections 25,000 new potential connections •  Connect following meetings/events in the past 5 days •  Regularly assess connections in your network 5 new clients have found us on LinkedIn through searches •  Get to know your contacts, use info to engage with them •  Use as a soft contact tool •  Introduce and recommend others
  11. What will happen to traditional face to face relationships? •  Business relationships require nurturing and personal investment •  Meeting face to face will continue to underpin such relationships •  Use Social Media platforms wisely to enhance and develop relationships •  Download apps for your smartphone and tablet computers to accelerate usability •  Manage your Social Media platforms using tools available, e.g. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck
  12. What are the costs and ROI’s? How can these be measured? •  No direct costs, only a cost to your HIGHLY valuable time •  Returns based on measureable objectives •  Direct sales results •  Measurement tools: Sprout social,, Google Analytics, HootSuite, personal feedback •  Governance and control is essential
  13. My top tips for Social Media success What you should do What you shouldn’t do 1.  Work to a strategy that fits in with your 1.  Sign up to all of the social media platforms business or personal objectives all at once 2.  Focus on one Social Media platform at a 2.  Use it to blast marketing posts, rather than time and understand how it can work to communicate and build relationships achieve your aims 3.  Set up profiles and not update them 3.  Review, review, review 4.  Be impersonal 4.  Be human 5. Ignore social media 5.  Share useful content