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Measuring Campaign Influence from Full Circle CRM - 2013 B2B Modern Marketing Roundup

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Full Circle CRM's Andrea Wildt shares how to measure campaign influence on revenue in Salesforce CRM. Presented at the 2013 B2B Modern Marketing Roundup.

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Measuring Campaign Influence from Full Circle CRM - 2013 B2B Modern Marketing Roundup

  1. 1. Measuring the Influence of YourCampaigns on Revenue in Salesforce Andrea Wildt, VP Products & Marketing, Full Circle CRM #MMR
  2. 2. Traditional ROI vs. Influence Traditional Campaign ROI: Campaign Influence:One campaign gets credit for a All campaigns get a portion of the given opportunity. credit for a given opportunity. #MMR
  3. 3. Campaign Attribution Gaps: Event Example1• Opportunity existed prior to the event with a different Primary Campaign2 Opportunity was created after the event but not tied to a Campaign3 Opportunity was created months after the event #MMR
  4. 4. Model 1: The Salesforce ModelAttribute 100% of the Opportunity Value back to every Campaignthat is tied to the deal through a contact role.PROS CONS•Easy to implement • Always adds up to more than 100%•Directionally meaningful • Limited criteria & reporting capabilities • Sales must add a contact role to the opportunity #MMR
  5. 5. Model 2: Equal DistributionEqually distribute the Opportunity value to all Campaigns on allContacts at the Account.PROS CONS• Not dependent on sales • Credit given where not due process (contact roles) • Assumes any touch to the account is valuable• Numbers add up to 100% #MMR
  6. 6. Model 3: Weighted DistributionWeighted distribution of Opportunity Value to Campaignsassociated to Contacts at the AccountPROS CONS• Weight over multiple • Subjective weightings can skew results dimensions: time, campaign • Requires sales to add contact roles to opportunities type, contact role, etc.• Numbers add up to 100% #MMR
  7. 7. Where to Start?• Start simple• Get mindshare from key executives• There is no one size fits all model!• Use technology & process to drive complete metrics; your output is only as good as your data input• Educate your sales team #MMR
  8. 8. #MMR• Andrea Wildt• VP Products & Marketing• Full Circle CRM• @andrea_wildt