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Inserting an image in word

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How to insert an image in a text document using Microsoft Word (Word version 365, Windows application).

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Inserting an image in word

  1. 1. Inserting an Image in MS Word © 2016 Laura Hedgecock, http://TreasureChestOfMemories.com
  2. 2. Place the cursor where you want the image to appear.
  3. 3. On the INSERT menu, click PICTURES > From File
  4. 4. On the top right, you can select how you want to view files Word sends you to your Pictures folder.
  5. 5. On the top right, you can select how you want to view files Make it easier to find your image…
  6. 6. On the top right, you can select how you want to view files
  7. 7. Hint: You can also narrow your search if you have a lot of files
  8. 8. Double click on the image file you want to use.
  9. 9. IMPORTANT! Once you’ve highlighted (clicked on) an image, Word offers an additional “Picture Tools” Menu
  10. 10. Under “Picture Tools” you get an immensely helpful “Format” menu.
  11. 11. Resize images by pulling the edges in while pressing the ctl key (keeps proportions), or …
  12. 12. Or use the sizing menu on the top right of the Picture Tools>Forma t Menu. This maintains proportions.
  13. 13. Right click your image for the “Layout Options” menu. You can also find the menu under
  14. 14. Or select “Wrap Text” from Picture Tools > Format
  15. 15. Use Layout Options to choose how text “wraps” around the photo
  16. 16. “Tight” lets text wrap snugly around the image.
  17. 17. And looks like this….
  18. 18. Use “Position Object” (Format Menu) to orient the image on the page
  19. 19. The icons show you how your image will appear.
  20. 20. “▫Inserting Captions
  21. 21. One caption method is to create a text box with Insert > Text Box
  22. 22. Choose “Simple Text Box”
  23. 23. Type in your caption …
  24. 24. And size it to your photo by dragging the edges.
  25. 25. The other option is to click on the photo with your RIGHT mouse button.
  26. 26. Then select “Insert Caption"
  27. 27. Type your desired caption in the caption field.
  28. 28. When the caption appears, you can edit it.
  29. 29. Word defaults to a “Figure #” prefix before captions. You can delete this.
  30. 30. Final result
  31. 31. To keep caption and photo together, hold down the Ctl key and click on both the image and caption …
  32. 32. Click your Right mouse button, then select “Group”
  33. 33. Thanks! Find more resources for writing and sharing your stories at TreasureChestofMemories.com This presentation uses Florizel presentation template from SlidesCarnival.