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Mu3 dev challenge project plan for health 2.0 launch (1)

Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge

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Mu3 dev challenge project plan for health 2.0 launch (1)

  1. 1. Allscripts Open MU3 Stage 3 API Patient Engagement Challenge 2016 MU3 Readiness
  2. 2. Copyright © 2016 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 2 Challenge Purpose • The Meaningful Use Stage 3 program from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid requires hospitals and providers to provide a minimum of one application that their patients can utilize to access their health information via an API from the organization’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). • In addition, the requirements state that patients should be able to use any application that meets the specifications of the EHR’s API to access their health information. • The goal of these requirements is to spur innovation to better engage patients in their care and provide them with control over access to and the ability to organize their health information. Patients must be provided with instructions at discharge from the hospital or departure from a clinic visit on the available applications from which they can access their health information and where to find them. • The goal of this Challenge is to identify application vendors able to meet the specifications of the Allscripts EHR APIs that can be used by our clients to meet the MU3 requirements as well as spur patient engagement.
  3. 3. Copyright © 2016 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 3 Challenge Submission Requirements 1. Solution must connect with 3 Allscripts EHRs – Sunrise, TouchWorks, Professional Patient Engagement – Easy for patients to use to request and organize their health information – Permit a patient’s authorized representative to request and organize patient’s health information – Display of health information data easy to understand and accessible regardless of age, technical ability and/or disability 2. Patient Selection – Must send a patient request for data to an Allscripts provider/hospital using the Allscripts Open API – Must allow the Allscripts provider/hospital to respond to the patient request using the Allscripts Open API
  4. 4. Copyright © 2016 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 4 Challenge Submission Requirements 4. Data Category Request – Patient requests for data sent in format and in compliance with the MU3 CCDS data category standards from the ONC – Must provide for data based on both a specific date and specified date range 5. All Data Request – Patient requests for data completed following the CCD document template format – Patient requests for data completed in the C-CDA format for both a specific date and specified date range 6. Video demo of solution integrated with online sandbox for at least 1 Allscripts EHR/FMH 7. Completion of PPT template with details on solution 8. Solution must be not be an “app store”, app curation solution to rate, rank, organize apps or other “aggregator” of patient facing apps 9. Preference for apps also designed to address mental and behavioral health, nutrition, benefits management and on-demand access to care
  5. 5. Copyright © 2016 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 5 Evaluation Criteria Judges will select 2 winning submissions among all eligible entries based on the following evaluation criteria: • Scoring System: – Usability and design of application for use by patients and their authorized representatives – Degree of development of model or prototype – Use of Allscripts APIs and standard SDK functionality – Demonstration of business plan to install and support application for Allscripts clients/patients – Innovation and unique qualities of application/integration – Mass appeal and potential for widespread adoption – Effectiveness of application to address MU3 requirements – Submission of <15 slide Powerpoint describing application, anticipated client benefits and value – Optional: Submission of <5 minute video demo of application/integration/benefits
  6. 6. Copyright © 2016 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 6 Timeline Date Action Item Ongoing Obtain approvals for challenge, budget; sign Health 2.0 contracts; plan/prepare for launch June 1 Launch Challenge – live at Developer Summit and online at Health 2.0 Developer Challenge website (or Announce ability to register May 27?) June 22-24 Host webinar with more details on challenge (to be recorded and posted online) July 13 Application Submission Deadline July 15 Virtual judging begins July 22 Virtual judging completed August 9 Announce winners at ACE conference – specific date/announcement details TBD September 27 Winner promoted at Health 2.0 Fall Conference