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eFleet  ManagementSystem (eFMS)   Virtualize the Fleet                          What is eFMS?                          eFM...
WHY DO YOU NEED IT?                                               WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?•	 Can you pin-point the exact loc...
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HCLT Brochure: E-Fleet Management

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e-Fleet management solution is a custom-fit for fleet operators and specialty carriers. It has a comprehensive application providing a range of next-generation functionalities bringing in 'Optimization' and 'Prediction' into fleet operations. 'Optimization' aims to reduce the fleet running and operating costs and 'Prediction' aims to provide visibility into repair and maintenance, equipment availability and customer orders.

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HCLT Brochure: E-Fleet Management

  1. 1. eFleet ManagementSystem (eFMS) Virtualize the Fleet What is eFMS? eFMS is a web-based Fleet Management System with state-ofthe-art functionalities: l Geo-Fencing l OTA security l Vehicle Telematics l Real-time job dispatch The goal is to enable organizations to optimally manage their fleet and operations and maximize vehicle utilization and customer satisfaction Read on to explore the power of ‘Virtualization’.
  2. 2. WHY DO YOU NEED IT? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?• Can you pin-point the exact location of a vehicle on a • Visually track the exact location and retrieve all details map/ route? about the vehicle and the job under execution with the• Are you able to maximize vehicle utilization and click of a button minimize empty runs of your fleet? • Optimize fleet operations and reduce fleet running• Can you predict and track real-time job execution costs status and provide the same visibility toyour customers? • Meet customer demands on stringent delivery dates• Are you able to execute jobs for your customers as and provide improved service to your customers quickly as they demand it to be done? • Enhance security for valuable cargo and mobile assets• Are you able to control/ impose restrictions on driver behavior? • Reduce TCO and optimize lifetime of mobile assets and• Are you able to manage health, maintenance and components through predictive repair/maintenance safety of your mobile assets in a predictive manner?If you are still reading this, then you need HCL’s eFMS.This is about a system that optimizes fleet utilization,reduces fleet running costs, maximizes security andsafety of mobile assets, tracks health and safety of mobileassets, enables controlling driver behavior and enablesquick response to customer requests and orders. Hello, I’m from HCL! We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 85,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries across the world. How can I help you? www.hcltech.com