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Physical Education

Fitness for Sports ☺ ☺

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Physical Education

  1. 1. Fitness for Sports
  2. 2. Principles of Sports Conditioning Warming Up – leg stretch, thigh stretch, bending, hip rotation, trunk and neck rotation, jumping jack, hip and knee rotation Gradual Workout Timing Intensity Capacity level Strength Motivation
  3. 3. Warming Up All activities must be preceded by warm-up Stimulate the circulatory system Delivers blood and energy to the muscles. Waste products are subsequently removed Temperature of the body is raised
  4. 4. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Running Sometimes known as jogging, running became a popular fitness activity in the 1970s. The average person can derive health benefits from as little as three 20-minute running workouts a week, physiologists say.
  5. 5. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Groin Stretch • Sit on the ground. • Place the soles of your feet facing each other enough so that your heel are also close to your buttocks. • Place your elbows inside the knees and grasp your ankles and put force with the elbows and push the knees downward to the ground. • While doing this, bend your trunk forward and touch the toes with your forehead. • Hold it for a while before returning to position.
  6. 6. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Hurdle Stetch • Sit on the ground as in astride forward-backward position extending your leg forward with toes pointed and the other leg backward with toes also pointed.
  7. 7. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up High Kick • Stand with feet close together. • Step your left foot forward and kick your right foot forward as high as possible. • Step back and repeat 10 times. • Do the same with the left foot and repeat 10 times.
  8. 8. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Trunk Circling • Stand in stride position • Raise your arms upward and circle your trunk to the right, then down and to the left. • Do this five times to the right and five times to the left
  9. 9. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Slide bend • Stand with feet apart and hands on hips. • Bend at your hips, first to the left, then to the right. • Keep your head at right angles to our body. • Repeat eight times.
  10. 10. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up Harmstring Stretch • Sit on the floor with your legs together and straight in front of you. • Place your hands on your thighs, then slowly stretch down afar towards your ankles as you comfortably can. • Hold for six seconds. • Return to the upright position and repeat four times.
  11. 11. Exercise that may Provide Total Body Warm-up For Body Stetch • Shoulder Circles • Sit-ups • Knee Raise • Diagonal Sit-ups • Knee and Chest raise
  12. 12. Exercise for Speed • Sprinting • High Knees Drill • Heel Kick Drill • Zig-zag Hopping • Bouncing • Speed Skipping
  13. 13. Four-Part program for the initial treatment followed for all athletic injuries. (R-I-C-E) Rest the injured part to avoid possible extension of injury. Ice the injury immediately with crushed ice in an ice bag or plastic bag for 20-30 minutes every hour until bleeding stop. Compress swelled area with a plastic bandage. Place padding over the injured area. Elevation of the injured above the level of the heart will hasten the repair of the area affected.
  14. 14. General principles to follow in order to avoid or minimize chances of sustaining injuries. Warm-up and cool-down activities must be exercised by the player. When you are tired, do not continue the exercise. Dress properly for exercise, wear well-fitting shoes and socks. Avoid strong powerful movements if you have severe muscle sores. Wear protective paddings in activities that require blows to your muscles. Learn the correct and proper mechanics of performance to avoid injuries.
  15. 15. Arnis Exercise