wireless sensor networks information extraction in-network processing data retrieval local processing distributed processing visualization information fusion information retrieval wireless sensor networks survey distributed clustering simulation data fusion data collection interpolation macroprogramming watershed segmentation wireless sensor networks mapping data mapping wireless sensor networks clustering wireless sensor networks routing data visualization data mining parallel segmentation parallel processing sensor data thermal map sensor node grouping logical neighborhood sensor data query sensor logical group query scoping sensor data mapdata extraction map wireless sensor networks wsn map sense data visualization wsn mapping wsn visualization sensor data visualization minirales mapping space exploration ad hoc networks wsn inductive vs deductive thermal defusion water flood control water flood prediction flood mapping scoping virtual groups node grouping survey survey simulation dynamic languages simulation of wsns python domain-specific languages communicating sequential processes wireless sensor networks reconfiguration wsns application requirements bio-inspired routing algorithms wsns optimization routing wsns quality of service load-balancing wsns flood management mobile nodes mobile information attributes visualisation space sensing space pennies from heaven retrospective mars planetary exploration synchronised hyperedge replacement modelling clustering clustering graph theory deductive inductive mapping framework sense data integrated topology wireless sensor network discrete sense data continuous map experimental applications mapping service multi-hop hierarchical routing mumhr multi-path an overview and classification data retrival system and approaches query programming abstractions optimal clustering load balanced clusters algorithmic construction enhancing student learning experience student satisfaction virtual learning environments
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