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March april newsletter

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March april newsletter

  1. 1. M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 1 E D I T I O NCalifornia Polytechnic State Universitys Kappa Alpha Theta Newsletter ZETA THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1989In Take me out the the ball game!This A House Divided at President’s Retreat 2011: Giants v. DodgersIssue 105 Thetas on two charter buses made the trip from SLO to Los Angeles to see the Giants take on the Dodger’s southpaw Ted Lily. Cain pitched phenomenally throwing six shut- out innings andAlumnae Fashion the Dodgers. giving up only 5 Show Theta Dodgers hits. When 2 fans wore tanks Journey’s “Don’t that read, “Bleed Stop Believing” Philanthropy/ Open House Blue” and fans of started blaring the Giants wore from the 3 “Fear the Beard” speakers during Wildflower tanks as a tribute the 7th inning to Giants closer, stretch, without 4 Brian Wilson. any prompting,UN Conference Beneath the all the Thetas overcast began singing in 5 Southern full chorus. All Leah Post California sky, we relaxed and watched the the singing and dancing on the bleachers game from the right field bleachers (which was quite a sight to be seen! The Giants’ 6 to the delight of many hungry Thetas was bats were hardly quiet with a 2 out, four- Exchanges the “all-you-can-eat-section”). The run rally sixth inning and a Freddy pitching matchup pitted Giants hard Sanchez homer in the eighth. The Giants 7-8 throwing right hander Matt Cain against beat the Dodgers in a final score of 10-0.
  2. 2. Alumnae Fashion Show On Saturday, April 9 the SLO-Central other active members attended the fashion show-Coast Alumnae Chapter hosted a fashion show luncheon. Alumnae Relations Chairman,and luncheon at the San Luis Obispo Country sophomore Jenna Emazadeh said,Club. The fashion show showcased ensembles "The Alumnae Fashion show was a great success!from popular chain and local stores including Both the active and alumnae models lookedBanana Republic, HepKat and Blenders. The fabulous strutting their stuff down the runway. Itbusinesses donated raffle items, the proceeds of was fun being able to watch the models as well aswhich benefited our national philanthropy, CASA, having the opportunity to mingle and get to knowHospice, and the Theta Foundation. Five active Theta Alumnae from the area. It is reallymembers of Zeta Theta had fun modeling the important to establish these connections with theclothes and strutting their stuff. The five models, alumnae. It’s also nice being able to bond overBrooke Engle, Sydney Lane, Stacy Shannon, being sisters and sharing our Theta traditions.Megan Quivistgard, and Laura Gregorich all Plus, they are so sweet and fun to be around!"looked fierce! Besides the five models, thirteen Smarty KATs The following Thetas made the Dean’s List last quarter, earning a 3.5 GPA or higher:Katie Babcock Sarah Fulham Giuliana Magnasco Lizzie SappiroCarly Boerman Catherine Gamble Cambrie Marks Amy ScottCourtney Carbonetti Brittany Glassnow Paige Malone Allie SpectorLindsey Constantino Amanda Groendal Hernandez Sara StendelBrenna Corrick Leah Henry Halli Meth Kami TianoMaddie DiPalo Nicole Hoffman Dani Noble Addie VirtaLiz Donahoe Rose Johnson Paige Pederson Michelle WallingVirginia Fay Lauren Keba Katie PurdomCandie Fujisaki Heidi Kim Kelsey Rugani The following Thetas earned a 4.0! Lelani Wu, Emily Stoddard and Katie Shennon Congratulations on your hard work!
  3. 3. Open House Weekend 2011Open House weekend is an exciting timewhen many high school seniors and otherprospective freshman visit Cal Poly SanLuis Obispo! Many are making collegetrips and weighing their options for theirfuture college plans. Knowing that firstimpressions are crucial, we used thisopportunity to talk to future students andget them excited about potentially joiningGreek Life. Pictured to the right are a fewZeta Thetas in front of our booth at CalPoly’s club fair. If you have any questionsabout joining Greek Life, please refer toCal Poly’s Greek Life website!PhilanthropyThetas compete in “Miss Greek Universe” and “Greek Goddess”In addition to hosting out own philanthropies, Theta helps other Greek houses in their philanthropicendeavors by participating in their charitable fundraisers. This April, Theta participated in two pageant-styleevents: Nu Alpha Kappa’s “Miss Greek Universe” and Delta Sigma Phi’s “Greek Goddess.” SophomoreStephanie Heim (pictured above in yellow) represented Theta in “Miss Greek Universe” performing a songand dance number to Friday by YouTube sensation Rebecca Black. Upon arrival, audience members wereencouraged to donate a cheek swab DNA sample in support of NAK’s national charity, The National BoneMarrow Donor Program. All ticket sale proceeds were donated to their cause. Sophomore Stacy Shannonrepresented Theta at “Greek Goddess.” She stunned the crowd with her vocals and keyboard skills, singingSara Bareilles’ hit, Love Song. The ticket sales from the event benefited the Cal Poly SARP Center, anorganization that helps victims of sexual assault. This year, the competition was stiff and although neither ofour candidates won the coveted crown, they were nevertheless thrilled to help support some worthy causes!
  4. 4. Getting ‘KAOTIC’ at Wildflower Thetas make a lasting impression at volunteer eventIt’s a chilly forty degrees and pitch black outside. metals to the athletes, and directing spectatorAll is still and all is quiet. Suddenly, without traffic. At the end of each day, the volunteers, thewarning the calm turns to chaos as police sirens majority of whom are Greeks, retire to Beach Cityscreech at ear splitting volume and the 80’s synth- to camp and enjoy festivities. Although ourrock anthem “The Final volunteer hours wereCountdown” blasts long (5:30-5 PM),from ubiquitous Thetas volunteeredspeakers. Did I mention energetically, having funthat this cacophonous the entire time. Ourwake-up call occurs at volunteer group was ledfive in the morning? by sophomore StacyWelcome to a weekend Shannon. She reportedat Wildflower! Every that many Wildfloweryear Theta volunteers at coordinatorsthe Avia Wildflower complimented theTriathlon at Lake San Thetas in the distinctiveAntonio in the city of purple hats for theirBradley. As volunteers, work ethic andwe perform various enthusiasm. Manytasks essential to the athletes at the event alsosuccess of the two-day long event. Some of our took notice, thanking us for all our efforts. In theduties included: “marking” the triathletes with end, Wildflower was a great experience totheir race number, passing out Gatorade, awarding volunteer, camp, and bond with sisters! Pictured in the upper left is Theta Junior Devon Carlstrom with her father who participated in the triathlon. Pictured in the upper right are Theta volunteers at the finish line.
  5. 5. Sophomore Thetas attend Model UN Conference in NYCA unique quality about our chapter is that our active members are involved in many clubs andactivities outside of Greek Life. This April, sophomore Political Science majors (pictured abovefrom left to right) Alexis Kagarakis, Lauren Feurborn, and Lindsey Constantino participated inthe Model United Nations conference in New York City. Here is what they had to say about it:“The conference gave us a first hand look at the work of a diplomat. This embodies Cal Polys motto of“Learn by Doing.” The conference last 5 days and within this period you are working with other students fromall of the world. You work through language barriers and cultural differences to arrive at the ultimate goalresolution. We represented the country of Peru and were lucky enough to meet with the Peruvian Delegation.At this meeting we were able to ask them questions about our various subjects pertaining to our committee.Overall, the conference was a success and being in New York for over a week was too much fun!” -LindseyConstantino“Model UN is an amazing class that allows us to learn about different countries and role play as diplomats insimulations. the National MUN conference in New York City was incredible because we got to meet and workwith students from all over the country and the world. I feel like being a part of this has helped me learn moreabout my field of study, made me grow as a person and taught me how to work with people with opposingviews and champion my beliefs in a respectful and effective way.” -Lauren Feurborn“This was an experience of a lifetime! I made lasting friendships and connections that will be beneficial in thefuture. At the conference, my classmates and I were granted a two hour meeting with actual PermanentMission of Peru to the United Nations diplomats. This meeting with the Peruvian Diplomats was the mostunique and honoring experience of the conference, as it provided us with invaluable insight to the work that isdone at the United Nations.” -Alexis Kagarakis
  6. 6. Living the Sweet Life Zeta Theta Leah Post enjoys success at Brandini Toffee Co.In 2006 Leah Post and her pre-school friend, operation in Rancho Mirage, California. 2010Brandon Weimer, wanted to attend a high school was an exciting year for Leah as she and herclass trip to Italy. Their parents agreed, but on the partner were featured on Food Network’s showcondition that they raise half of Chefs vs. City. That same year,the travel expenses she also won the Southernthemselves. They came up with California Spirit of thethe idea to start making and Entrepreneur Award.  Theirselling delicious almond toffee. toffee is sold world-wide onThe idea paid off: within six their website, and is carried inweeks they had raised enough about 60 stores nation wide. money to pay for both trips in Brandini Toffee is also used asfull plus, spending money. After corporate gifts for majorthis success, they decided to companies such as Gunthycreate their own company, later Renker and Charles Schwab.  named Brandini Toffee, andexpand their business into new     Leah Post rushed Kappamarkets. In 2008, they were Alpha Theta in Fall of 2010.featured on the Martha Stewart She is currently a sophomore atShow, a high compliment for Cal Poly earning her Businessany culinary enthusiast. That degree with a concentration insame year, Leah and Brandon marketing and a Law andbecame the youngest people in Society minor.  Leah serves onhistory to win the Gold Sofi award for the Zeta Theta philanthropy committee and isOutstanding Chocolate.  In 2009, the two teens actively involved in Theta activities! opened their first retail facility, a 5200 sq. ft
  7. 7. On April 28 we had an 80’s Exchanges themed exchange with Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Pi. Everyone looked cute and had a lot of fun! 80’s Prom
  8. 8. Exchanges (Cont.)We had a fiesta themed exchange with Theta Chi and Beta Theta Pi. It was held at a bowling alley in Pismo Beach. Our second exchange was with Delta Chi. The theme was “YouTube”. Everyone had fun coming up with creative costumes based on popular YouTube videos. Upcoming Events! BBQ with Greek Week Teams May 13 Greek Week May 15-22 Formal May 21 Have some Zeta Theta News to add? Contact the editor, Christine Mastromonaco, at cmastrom@calpoly.edu