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Deep Link (to the Future)

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Deep linking is becoming a major feature in mobile development. In today’s mobile-first digital landscape, this talk is about understanding the relevance and capabilities of deeplinking. We will explain and demonstrate how it can be implemented effectively to improve user experience and engagement in a mobile app.

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Deep Link (to the Future)

  1. 1. Deep Link (to the Future) Akash Gupta Ashish Tyagi
  2. 2. Brief Overview ● About Deep linking ● Traditional Approach ● Universal Links ● Case Study ● Techniques and Applications
  3. 3. App Stats
  4. 4. The Requirement What: Implement deep linking to our mobile apps. Why: So that clicking on an ad can take users to the mobile app.
  5. 5. The Traditional Way URL Schemes my-app://com.myapp.fooBarIdentifier
  6. 6. And in the App Delegate:
  7. 7. Advertisement (linked-url) Mobile Web Page(url-scheme) App Installed? Open App ? Yes No Mobile App Yes No Action No Action How it works
  8. 8. Universal Links ● Native first, browser second ● Available iOS 9 onwards
  9. 9. Advertisement (linked-url) Mobile Web Page App Installed? Mobile App Supports URL ? Mobile Web Page Yes Yes No No How Universal Links Work ?
  10. 10. Entitlements File
  11. 11. App-Site-Association File { "applinks": { "apps": [], "details": [ { "appID": "9JA89QQLNQ.com.myOrganisation.myApp", "paths": [ "/feature1/subFeature/", "/videos/wwdc/2015/*", NOT /about] }, { "appID": "ABCD1234.com.myOrganisation.mySecondApp", "paths": [ "*" ] } ] } }
  12. 12. The Actual Problem What : Implement deep linking to our mobile apps. Why : So that business can track which marketing campaigns are generating how much revenue.
  13. 13. Akash Reacts
  14. 14. Traditional Analytics/App-Stitching Advertisement (linked-url) Redirects to mobile safari UserId Cookie ? Yes No Generate Cookie(Analytics Library) Append cookieId & campaign id to url-scheme Open App with updated url scheme
  15. 15. Limitations of Universal Links ● Difficult to pass any additional parameters in Universal Links. ● Universal Links do not work with redirects. ● The user can also disable universal links altogether by innocently tapping on the website breadcrumb that is shown on the top. ● Difficult to debug and test because of all the various components involved. ● Deep linking to intercept subdomain.
  16. 16. Universal Links are Frustrating
  17. 17. ● A separate domain name for marketing links. ● A server application responsible for routing traffic to the correct platform. ● For desktop browsers, it is a simple matter of routing to the website. ● For mobile browsers, a web page is generated with the deep link to the app. Looking Towards New Domain Names
  18. 18. Custom web page with Deep Link to app Domain Name just for Deep Linking? Marketing URL Custom Redirect Server (Track Ad Click) Display content in app Website or App Store
  19. 19. What if the App is not even installed yet?
  20. 20. Deferred Deep Linking ● Resolve deeplinks immediately after app install from a Universal Link. ● Device fingerprinting by link server before redirect to App Store. ● App reaches out to link server for pending context on first launch. ● Content displayed/action taken based on context.
  21. 21. Deferred Deeplinking Explained Deeplink URL Custom Redirect Server (Device Fingerprint) App Not Installed App Installed App Store Install Page Contact Deeplink Server for pending context Exchange deeplink with server for context Display custom content based on context App Opens Directly
  22. 22. Third Party Providers
  23. 23. Let’s Play Some Golf
  24. 24. User Experience with Deferred Deeplinks ● Personalized welcome screen flow ● Redirect to content shown in App Install ad ● Referrals/Invites can be resolved immediately ● Discounts/Offers availed
  25. 25. Harnessing the Power of Universal Links ● Index app activities and content. ○ Native app indexing allows you to provide app content and user activities in Spotlight search. ○ Third party indexing such as that provided by Google can be used to provide deep linking into your app through Google search. ● Promote content and not just the app. ○ Using the above mentioned indexing tools one can create marketing campaigns that are dynamic and work across platforms.
  26. 26. Prepared for the Future!
  27. 27. Questions...
  28. 28. Useful Links ● Deeplink Golf on Github ● Universal Links Documentation Thank You!