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  1. 1. Voluntary Panopticism Reapplication of panopticism to a digital age Sean Foran EDU122 Intended Audience: High School Seniors
  2. 2. 06/05/09 Sean Foran Panopticism A 200 year old theory summarized in one slide. -- Jeremy Bentham, “Panopticon” The more constantly the persons to be inspected are under the eyes of the persons who should inspect them, the more perfectly will the purpose X of the establishment have been attained . Ideal perfection, if that were the object, would require that each person should actually be in that predicament, during every instant of time. This being impossible, the next thing to be wished for is, that, at every instant , seeing reason to believe as much, and not being able to satisfy himself to the contrary, he should conceive himself to be so .
  3. 3. 06/05/09 Sean Foran Voluntary Panopticism Making up our own theories. <ul><li>What is voluntary panopticism? </li></ul><ul><li>Putting yourself into the panoptic environment </li></ul><ul><li>Effects of putting yourself into the panoptic environment </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Increased control over what is seen </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Trustworthiness of data </li></ul></ul>
  4. 4. 06/05/09 Sean Foran Our Panoptic Environment Facebook
  5. 5. 06/05/09 Sean Foran
  6. 6. 06/05/09 Sean Foran The Experiment How much will people believe? When will people admit to the panoptic nature? How much fun can be had using Facebook for schoolwork? Is Facebook’s panoptic element a problem? Who actually reads Facebook notifications?
  7. 7. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE I Codename: “Red Herring” Changing “Relationship Status” from to yields….
  8. 8. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE 1 RESULTS DRAMATIS PERSONAE Matt Stephen and if you don't want to discuss it that's fine...... i love discussing things ok. um i went on facebook and one of the notices says &quot;paddy foran is no longer listed as 'in a relationship'. did something happen?
  9. 9. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE II Codename: “Viva La Revolución!” I imagine I’d look like this guy…
  10. 10. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE II RESULTS
  11. 11. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE III Codename: “Man down!” Where have we seen this before…?
  12. 12. 06/05/09 Sean Foran STAGE III RESPONSES
  13. 13. 06/05/09 Sean Foran 1. So long as it is published on Facebook, people will believe anything reasonable . 2. Facebook certainly has a panoptic element. Is it a problem? Let’s decide. 3. When people are concerned, they will admit to using the panoptic nature of Facebook 4. Far more people than should read Facebook notifications. 5. Facebook + School = Good, clean, 18 th century, literary theory FUN.
  14. 14. 06/05/09 Sean Foran
  15. 15. 06/05/09 Sean Foran