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5M Peyton Civilization

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5M Peyton Civilization

  1. 1. United StatesCivilization byPeyton Sloan
  2. 2. HIGHLY CIVILIZED WAY OF LIFE This is the Whitney Museum of American Art. It’s exhibits are made by American artists only. It shows that the U.S. has a love of the arts.
  3. 3. HIGHLY CIVILIZED WAY OF LIFE Ben Franklin was an American scientist . Hediscovered electricity with a kite and a key ina storm.
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY This is Steve Jobs. He invented theipad and the iphones 1-4s. He createdhis own company named Apple. Hewas incredibly successful but sadly, hedied in 2011.
  5. 5. GOVERNMENT Barack Obama is our current president.He makes the laws and deals withproblems in the U.S. He is a symbolof our government.
  6. 6. GOVERNMENT The capital and the White House areimportant buildings in our government. The capital iswhere all the laws are made and discussed. TheWhite House is where the presidentand his family live.
  7. 7. WRITTEN LANGUAGE The United State’s language is English.It’s recorded and we speak it. Unlikecuneiform like the Sumerian’s had, wehave letters instead of wedge shapedsymbols.
  8. 8. RELIGION Churches and temples are where Jewish andChristian people go to worship God. Jewish andChristian people celebrate different holidaysbecause of their religion.
  9. 9. SOCIAL STRUCTURE In America some people are rich, somepeople are in the middle, and some peopleare poor. An example of a person in theupper class is the president’s family. Myfamily is in the middle class, and people who don’t have a lot ofmoney are in the lower class.
  10. 10. STABLE FOOD SUPPLY America’s stable food supply is HUGE!We farm, we fish, and some people grow theirown food. Most people get their food atmarkets and grocery stores. Almost everygrocery store in the U.S. has an enormous variety of foods, snacks,and drinks. YUM!