mobile ad hoc networks graph theory grid sensor networks wireless ad hoc networks simulation ad hoc networks data gathering algorithms metric dimension attacks chord. edge induced hamiltonian graph; finite sequence; algorithm spanning graph manet odd harmonious labeling applications of random graph theory in ad hoc netw m-shadow graph odd graceful ford-fulkerson algorithm probability mobility models k-connectivity data replication job scheduling data grid cycle planar complete labeling obility models routing protocol multicast communication topology formation power optimization mobile nodes hardware unit dynamic programming energy efficiency multicast routing protocols psychology social engineering scheduling mechanism queueing maxmin wfq fermat point wireless adhoc and sensor network(wasn). geographic routing collision avoidance wireless sensor networks data propagation energy efficient qos ims ngn gsm n mobile station base station controller mobile switching center location area message specific key neighborhood key global positioning system (gps) global system for mobile communication (gsm) bit error rate wireless personal area network (wpan) uwb coverage and connectivity neural networks ad hoc network routing protocols mobile ad-hoc sensor network wireless mobile approaches vertex labeling edge labeling algorithms modelling mobile ad hoc security mobility routing failure recovery neighborhood broadcast network protocols ad-hoc sensor network fault tolerance m-splitting graph. np-complete problems secure routing algorithms and protocols based on g algorithms for topology control and power assignme contraction cardinal number. overlapping bijection d g -metric. infinite graphs basis resolving set preliminaries link quality estimation (lqe) packet receive rate (prr) the window mean with exponentially weighted moving collection tree protocol (ctp) centralized algorithm fuzzy logic mobile wireless sensor network ca-mwsn dynamic clustering cluster-head intrusion detection system intrusion random walk power of choice load balancing cover time wireless networks. minimum-weight path survey routing protocols unicast stability mobile network total graph p4-classes graph coloring wireless network grundy number qos assurance dynamic network routing algorithm pendant edges subdivision double triangular snakes cyclic snakes distributed extensions of centralized graph theore connectivity analysis under different mobility mod data gathering algorithms and protocols for sensor m-splitting graph symmetric product.
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