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Take an Ireland Golf Tour – Golf St Andrews at                                           the Old Course in St Andrews     ...
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Take an Ireland Golf Tour – Golf St Andrews at the Old Course in St Andrews

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Take an Ireland Golf Tour – Golf St Andrews at the Old Course in St Andrews

  1. 1. Take an Ireland Golf Tour – Golf St Andrews at the Old Course in St Andrews When traveling, you might be interested in seeing specific areas of a country. If you are planning a Ireland golf tour,there are several things you might consider. When you want to golf St Andrews courses that are usedby the pros, you might need some help to gain access.When you are looking for a fun and exciting time on your vacation, you want to learn which options areavailable. Because some of the courses in Ireland require special permission to play, scheduling a gamemight be difficult. However, you can use the services available through Golf Vacations UK to gain accessto these beautiful and popular courses in the area.As you consider the various options, you will discover that by using this service you will gain access tosome of the most prestigious courses in the area. However, at the same time you can learn about someof the smaller, less known courses that are fabulous as well. Not all of the courses will be professionalgrade, but you will be sure to enjoy the time in the beautiful scenery of the area.Determining how much of your vacation will be spent playing golf and how much will be devoted toother types of sightseeing will depend on you and your family. If you are traveling specifically to playgolf, you won’t be too concerned about the other options that are available in the area. As you lookover the different packages that are offered, you mightdiscover some very fun and exciting things to do when youaren’t golfing.Some people will go on holiday simply to play at the famouscourses where the professionals play. Depending on thetime of year that you are traveling, you will find that theremay be a chance to even meet some of the players that you follow. At the same time, you might alsodiscover that you are in the area when a major event is taking place.Taking an Ireland golf tour is just one of the options available to you when you are planning a vacation.There are many different options for golf in St Andrews today depending on the type of course you arelooking for. Deciding which ones will fit your schedule will be up to you.If you want to play the old course in St Andrews, you need to check availability. Some parts of thebigger courses may be closed to the public during certain times of the year due to tours and otherevents. Making sure you are going to be able to play where you want is something you want to considerwhen planning your vacation.Finding a great course to play golf can be a difficult task. However, the experts at Golf Vacations UKhave extensive knowledge regarding the courses, availability and connections to make sure you have the best time you possibly can. Contact us: Golf Vacations UK 6c Clifford Court, Parkhouse Business Park, Cooper Way, Carlisle Cumbria, United States, CA3 0JG