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Anthology of Awesome

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Anthology of Awesome

  1. 1. *ORIGINAL POETRY BY DUNCAN HAMMITT *Awesome in this case means good to an extent.
  2. 2. The Classics Ah, the classics. Lou Reed and the Stones All ready to listen to, waiting on holdThe turntable spins, and I hear the sounds Of Gilmour and Dylan, playing a-loudThe Beatles, the Who, and Frank Zappa too? Ah, the classics. Lou Reed and the Stones
  3. 3. Time Time can overcome you Materials get in the wayIsn’t it hard when you discover that It’s too late for you today The world is bigger Others have more Trying to change it Is an impossible chore Can you do it? Can you change it? Or will time win once more? It isn’t that great When you’re all done for
  4. 4. Journey through the UsualI walk through the field of roses made from pearls Growing out of plastic soil Into the sea of flames On a silver boat I stop at the bar And duck for cover from a dive bomb I see the usual as uncharted territory.
  5. 5. Sounds The sounds I’ve heard are like none other The sounds couldn’t be from anywhere else These sounds from such a serendipitous experience Detoured from my usual spot, across the aisle I went I heard a great soundThe 1967 Gibson Les Paul Standard VOS through a Fender vacuum tube amp So clean, so crisp, this sound Of the godly guitar through the angelic amp
  6. 6. Now I See I didn’t like what I heardSo I quit, and I didn’t want to learn. But now I heard how great it is. So new, so more I now listen to jazz.
  7. 7. Ode to Nature Oh look around, at the wonderful, wonderful, rainforest. Leaves and leaves and sticks and sticks all over. Green is so vibrant and nice that I think of it as the best. Flowers, flowers, showers, flies and spiders. Animals, animals, animals, traveling East to West. Stomping, stomping, ants are dead now for sure.Trees and leaves, leaves and sticks, sticks and dirt, minerals of the best. Rocks and water, idle, still and so pure. Look at the nature, so wonderful, wonderful, all the best. Nice and fresh and new and old and greatest!