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Best Practices in Media Playback

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The ExoPlayer provides many sophisticated features such as Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH), SmoothStreaming and Common Encryption

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Best Practices in Media Playback

  1. 1. Best Practices in Media Playback Hassan ABID @hassanabidpk +HassanAbid hassanabid.com
  2. 2. Agenda Media playback APIs ExoPlayer
  3. 3. Goal When to use the right APIs to build the best audio or video playback app possible
  4. 4. Important Events in Media Playback
  5. 5. Media Playback and Android Life Cycle
  6. 6. Media playback the right way
  7. 7. Playing Media
  8. 8. Right Way Action Becoming Noisy MediaSession Audio Focus Notifications Local Always
  9. 9. Audio Focus Ensure apps don’t talk over one another Hold audio focus until we’ve stopped playback
  10. 10. Audio Focus (Code) Permission 승인 onStop
  11. 11. Audio Focus (AudioFocusChangeListener)
  13. 13. Life cycle of media playback
  14. 14. MediaSession or MediaSessionCompat (Video)
  15. 15. MediaSessionCompat
  16. 16. Role of Callback class onPlay(),onPause(), etc, Serves as a single point in your app for all media control callbacks
  17. 17. MediaSessionCompat
  18. 18. PlaybackStateCompat
  19. 19. MediaMetadataCompat
  20. 20. Media Notifications (NotificationCompat.MediaStyle)
  21. 21. MediaControllerCompat & MediaBrowserCompat
  22. 22. Minimum Viable Product
  23. 23. UAMP App
  24. 24. ExoPlayer
  25. 25. TERMS DASH : Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP HLS : Http Live Streaming DRM : Digital Rights Management MPD : Media Presentation ABR : Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  26. 26. What is ExoPlayer The ExoPlayer provides many sophisticated features such as Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH), SmoothStreaming and Common Encryption. It's designed to be easy to customize and extend, and many components can be replaced with custom implementations. Because ExoPlayer is a library that you include in your application, it can be easily updated along with your app.
  27. 27. Pros Supports DASH,HLS, Smooth-Streaming … DRM protected content Customizable Easily Updatable Few device specific issues
  28. 28. Adaptive Media Playback (DASH,HLS etc.)
  29. 29. DASH object Model
  30. 30. Sample Code
  31. 31. Talks to follow Streaming Media with ExoPlayer High Performance Audio Best Practices in Media playback
  32. 32. Thank You!